Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Please tell me this is a joke

So I get an email from a 37 year old guy on yesterday and all I can say is I hope he is actually mentally challenged because otherwise I fear for our education system (I do anyway but you'll see what I mean). Judge for yourself. (Note: my profile asks, when was the last time you did something for the first time?)

Email subject line: "Don't ever lose that Smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ok what is the last time I did somthing new ? Well this is it me wrighting to you! I have never done this before the on line dateing thing that is. I know you maybe sitting there and saying ya right but the truth is that I realy have'nt I can't say I never looked at the photo's before but I never have replyed to one before you so that make's you the 1st..Ok now we are past all that I have got to tell you I love your smile it's nice to see I've alway's thought if more pepole took the time to smile the world just might be a better place to liveafter all they are one of the few thing's still left in this world that are free. As for making you laugh I beleve I can do that easy enough because all my friend's are alway's trying to get me to tell them joke's and I have made pepole lay on the floor laughing so hard that they cryed.I would love to here you singwith your helium it must of been a good laugh for everyone
there. well hope to here from you soon take care and have a mary Xmass and a Happy new year's and a safe one to"

None of this was changed in anyway. He's very sweet but c'mon! His profile is even worse. And no picture. I'm not usually judgemental and I try to see the good in everyone but the point of Match is that you find your match. When you do not, you politely click the "not interested" button. Which is what I did. I wish him the best but I wish the best for me more.


Dr.Nik said...

Eh.... Some people just ain't that educated... and some folks just don't care... i'd think this guy was the former unfortunately.

tjdygon said...

I think I got the same letter from someone. Where is he from? That might tell ya a lot!! Sorry Miss New Hampshire! But haven't these people ever heard of spell check? It's worse when their profile has all those spelling mistakes. Ya want to make a good impression.