Sunday, December 31, 2006

Weird Al Yankovic-White and Nerdy

What is scary about this video is how true it is. And how many men I have dated that encompass some, if not all, of these characteristics.

You gotta love Donny Osmond. I love people who can laugh at themselves.

And notice the Star Wars Holiday Special Al purchases at the end. Friendster Guy pointed it out to me.

Friday, December 29, 2006

My (half) year of books

In July I created a file, ok, ok, a database (I love those things. Filemaker rules!) wherein I could record both the books I've read and the ones I want to read in the future. Here, for your edification and perusal are the 27 books I read, or listened to during my short lived obsession with books on tape, between July 2006 and today, December 29.

The South Beach Diet, Agatston
Which Brings Me To You, Almond and Baggott
The Secret Garden, Burnett
I have chosen to stay and fight, Cho, Margaret
State of Fear, Crighton
Standing in the Rainbow, Flagg
The Brethren, Grisham
Stranger in a Strange Land, Heinlein
The Ice Queen, Hoffman, Alice
A Very Long Engagement, Japrisot
A Girl Named Zippy, Kimmel
She got up off the couch, Kimmel
The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive, Lencioni
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Lencioni
Not Buying It, Levine
Life of Pi, Martel
The Color of Water, McBride, James
Hidden Shadow, Parker, Robert
Night Passage, Parker, Robert
Chance, Parker, Robert B.
Thin Air, Parker, Robert B.
A Child Called It, Pelzer
The Stone Diaries, Shields, Carol
The Bone Setters Daughter, Tan, Amy
The Hundred Secret Senses Tan, Amy
The May Queen, Various authors
Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut

I'm currently reading another Robert B. Parker novel of unknown/unremembered title (Friendster Guy has a bagillion of them and I've been reading them like candy) and I'm also reading Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia by Marya Hornbacher. This year, or at least the last few months have been all about the memoir. Shocking, I know, a blogger who likes reading memoir? Go figure.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Can I have some cheese with my whine?

To be read with the most whiny, obnoxious voice you can muster:

"I don't waaaanna work on my thesis!"

"I don't waaaanna be a grown-up!"

"Why can't I just sit on my ass for the next few days and do nothing? Whyyyyyy?"


I have managed to accomplish some things while home on vacation this week (My employer shuts down from Christmas to New Years. God bless 'em!") I updated my license so I am back to my maiden name and my new address. I've gone to the gym a couple of times. I even took my first ever ski lesson. Tonight I'm going bowling - and then to a wake (yippee!). In the intervening hours before I have anything scheduled however I may be stuck in procrastination guilt land. You know that place where you know you have to do something but don't want to but don't really have anything better to be doing so feel guilty not doing anything at all especially the thing you know you're supposed to be doing but aren't. Yeah, I'm there. AND I've run out of season 1 Grey's Anatomy episodes that NPapaya let me borrow. That stuff is like crack. Now that I don't have any of those or Northern Exposure from Netflix I have nothing to bribe myself with. Damn.

I don't waaaanna work on my thesis.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Theme for 2007

A lot of people don't do New Years resolutions for whatever reason but in the last few years I've embraced them with wild abandon. (I've also wildly abandoned a few but that's another story.)

I've been blogging recently about the grandiose lists of things I'd like to accomplish - big, small, probable, impossible. Those lists, for the most part, are not to be turned into resolutions. They are way too long and involved for that. However, I have stumbled upon an underlying thread connecting several things I would like to do in 2007.

Since I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for my New Years Resolution theme for 2007, here it is:

Git 'er done

Short. Simple. To the point.

This is not some lofty mission statement that means nothing in the real world. Oh no. I have some honest to goodness projects that I have been carting from place to place both physically and psychically that I need to move on with and, well, git done. Below, in full technicolor, are those projects.

1) My thesis. This is "A # 1" on my list of priorities. I have made significant progress in the last week and hope to continue the trend in the coming days.

2) A mosaic mirror that was supposed to be a gift for someone but will probably end up being mine. 3) Moving a) my mother's childhood home movies from 16mm to DVD, b) my childhood home movies from VHS to DVD/digital.
4) Finishing this random art project where I decoupaged pieces of oragami paper onto a huge canvas like a mosaic.
5) Completing this counted cross stitch that I started in 1994. That's right, 1994. I was 18. I am now 30. It's time.
6) All I need to do to this scrapbook of my trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in 2003 is journal the entries I wrote while I was there. I've even already drawn all the lines to write on.
7) Get these framed before they are destroyed.
8) Sometime in the last 7 years I put together a bunch of these quilt squares. It was going to be a quilt for my sister. Besides the labor, I need to buy some fabric for between the squares and something for the back. I'm thinking fleece. That way I don't need to mess with batting.

9) Pay off my car. This is going to happen no matter what because I only have about 10 payments left. However, I'd like to shorten that span of time. Maybe I should say pay my car off by my birthday in August. That means shortening it by 2 payments. I can do that.

That's it. One of the good things about taking pictures of these projects is that I had to unearth the projects themselves. Just the act of bringing them out into the light of day is a step in the right direction. I even worked on the cross stitch a few times this week already. And it isn't even the New Year. Go me!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I tripped over some proverbial baggage the other day. It took me a little bit of self-reflection before I figured out that this particular luggage was labeled "Fear of rejection - subcategory: the sexual variety."

There was a long period of time in my former marriage where I would initiate an intimate event and be turned down flat. Or I would do things to get the X to potentially initiate an intimate act (trying to be sexy or whatever.) only to not have it work. I was literally at the point where I could walk around the house naked for three days and not even be noticed. Yeah, good times. Makes a girl feel wanted and loved.

So, based on my previous history, I'm not exactly that willing to start the process. It hasn't been a problem since Friendster Guy would definitely not let me walk around naked without noticing and taking action. But I haven't even had to so that's a good thing. The other night, however, without even a thought about my history, I decided it was my turn to light the fire, so to speak. When it worked and I had a willing participant I was happy. But then, on the way from the kitchen with said willing partner to the bedroom, I tripped over the stupid baggage and got all freaked out. My thought process was this, "Now that I got him in here, I have to be GOOD at what I got him in here for!" Like I was a party hostess and had to make sure my guest had a good time. And suddenly I had this huge wave of ineptitude and self-doubt wash over me and my self-confidence took a nose dive.

With some nice distraction from FG I managed to pull myself through but afterward, I felt that I needed to talk to FG about it. I'll tell you what, the fact that I am comfortable enough to talk to FG says a lot about how much I've grown since the divorce and also says a whole heck of a lot about FG. He's very non-judgemental and I don't feel like anything I could say would push him away or whatever else a person fears may happen when spilling their guts to their partner. However, at that point, I wasn't quite sure what exactly the problem was to be able to tell him what was going on. Obviously I'd stumbled over something but I needed to sort out what it was.

In the interim I got all blubbery and silent. FG just held me and waited. We've been through a couple of these episodes before but it's been quite awhile. You know what was awesome? He had no idea why I was in some sort of post-coital meltdown but he stuck with me. I was so used to being pushed away and here he was bringing me even closer and wrapping his arms and legs all around me so I felt safe and loved. That man fucking rocks.

Anyway, I was able to determine what was the matter and speak my piece (peace?) about it all and I feel much better now. I don't know if I've put that particular baggage in a safe place where I won't trip over it anymore but I do know that it's probably more of a carry-on now instead of a full suitcase. I also know I love the heck out of that Friendster Guy.


First, Merry Christmas Eve Day! I'm doing a little blogging before I head off to my sister's house for a family sleep over. And I do mean sleep over - sleeping bags and the whole shebang. Tonight we're going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Should be a good time. Poor Friendster Guy has to work but we'll exchange gifts tomorrow night when he's off and I'm back.

But on to the title of this post - Towel-napping.

I was in the gym on Friday and I decided to go swimming. I brought my towel into the pool area so I could go straight to the showers without having to go back to my locker dripping wet. They discourage such behavior. So there are two indoor pools - one for laps, one for aqua aerobics. I pass the empty aqua aerobics pool and go to the lap pool. There is one other person in the pool and her stuff is on a chair by her lane. I go to the thrid and furthest lane, put my towel on the chair at that lane and begin my swim. I don't know why but I'm mildly paranoid about my towel and someone taking it. Actually, it's not my towel, it's the club's but for the period of time in which it is my possession, it is my towel. So anyway, when the other woman in the pool gets out I double check my towel and it's still there. Cool.

Next, a woman and her early adolescent daughter get into the other pool. At one point, when I'm at the far end of the lap pool with my fogged up goggles I see the girl scurry into the lap pool area and then run really quickly back to the other pool and jump in. I think, "Huh. That's an awful long way to go to jump into the pool. " but then I forget it. UNTIL, I get out of the pool and my towel is gone. Gone! Nowhere to be seen. Now, I don't want to accuse anyone but there is NO ONE else in the pool and I may not be Sherlock Holmes or even Gil Grissom but I sure as hell can add 1 + 1 and get 2 most of the time.

Being that my gym bills itself (and its members...$$$) as a high quality gym, dayspa and tennis center, and it is located in an area where people actually walk back to the entrance of the grocery store to return their carts, theft and inconsideration is low on the list of problems. Now, I can understand how one white towel looks like all the other white towels but mine was so obviously mine it's not even funny.

Having discovered the towel missing I walked away from my pool and had to walk past the other where the mother and daughter were still swimming. Although I wanted to, I didn't say, "Give me my towel you teenage creatin." I said, "Did either of you see someone come in and take my towel?" Instead of saying, "My goodness, someone took your towel!?," the mother said, "Our towels are over there." If this were CSI that would be as good as a confession to the crime. Her daughter averted her eyes.

I didn't let them off easy. I got into the hot tub on the other side of their pool and stewed (quite literally) for awhile, every so often making eye contact with the girl. I wouldn't have been so annoyed if there were towels in the pool area or locker room, but no, they give you your towel when you walk in the door by the main entrance. I don't know about you, but I sure wasn't looking forward to walking my soggy ass out of the locker room, up the stairs and into the main area of the club. Nosiree.

Luckily, when I went into the locker room there were several new towels just sitting on a bench. I asked the woman closest to them if they were hers and then I took one. Multiple towels on a bench surrounded by lockers in which to put them are fair game. One lone towel by the lane in which someone is actually swimming is not. Grrr!!! If I had remembered I would have gone up to the front desk, gotten another towel and replaced the one I took - just in case. But I was still so annoyed that I didn't.

I hope she gets coal for Christmas the little thief.

Friday, December 22, 2006

You know what I did the other day?

While driving home from work I was having a conversation with myself about how great it is that my commute is half the length it was before my move while at the EXACT SAME TIME turning onto the highway I no longer need to go on to get home. That's right, I was thinking about the new route while unconsciously taking the old. Doh! Luckily, I only had one exit and about 2 miles to go before I could get off the highway and work my way back to my actual home. I say luckily because around here it's not uncommon for there to be 10-20 miles between exits. That could have been one long and stupid drive.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Deny thy father

I was reading Time magazine this morning and came across an editarticle? artitorial? (It's hard to distinguish sometimes if it's an article or an editorial) by James C. Dobson talking about how he really hopes Mary Cheney and her partner having a baby doesn't catch on as a trend. As a self-proclaimed "social conservative" he has a problem with the mother/mother and father/father households replacing the more traditional mother/father parental units. His concern is that a child in those families won't get enough of the masculine or feminine whatevermabob because they are missing a role model of a certain gender.

Let's ignore for the moment the children of single parents, extended families, and crappy rolemodels of either gender because lord knows I could go on about that. But I won't.

In truth, the underlying premise of Mr. Dobson's article is his fear that boys being brought up in a single gender (female) household will not grow up to be boys.

I quote Dobson's article: "According to educational psychologist Carol Gilligan, mothers tend to stress sympathy, grace and care to their children, while fathers accent justice, fairness and duty. Moms give a child a sense of hopefulness; dads provide a sense of right and wrong and its consequences. Other researchers have determined that boys are not born with an understanding of 'maleness.' They have to learn it, ideally from their fathers."

Now, I don't know what the heck "grace" is, or whether or not I got any from my mother, but I am intrigued by the notion that boys aren't born with an understanding of "maleness". What that means to me is that what we consider masculine is in fact a social construct, more so than what we consider feminine. Unfortunately, our society is so afraid of males being "feminine" that we perpetuate the fascade of the masculine which, according to Dobson and his references, includes justice, fairness, duty, right vs. wrong, and consequences. Is it just me or does that not sound like a commercial for the armed forces?

Perhaps if we thought of sympathy, grace (wtf?), and hopefulness not as "feminine" but as human we wouldn't be so angry and violent all the time. Sympathy and empathy (which I'm sure is also considered a feminine trait) are what lead to an understanding of right and wrong, justice and fairness. Maybe if boys weren't taught that the world is black and white and instead could think of it as more gray (the way those who are "feminine" apparently see it) the world would be a nicer place. The guys I've known who were the most stereotypically masculine were also the ones who hurt me in some way - verbal abuse, meanspiritedness, sexual assault. Perhaps if they hadn't been taught "maleness", I wouldn't have had my status as a female, and therefore a lesser human, shoved in my face.

It's not about mankind or womankind, it's about humankind. And I'd like to stress the word "kind."

Mr. Dobson, don't be afraid of your feminine side. It's what makes you human.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

True love?

My friend NPapaya and I were in a jewelry store the other day and she was pointing out engagement rings she liked because, well, that's what women often find themselves doing when in jewelry stores. Today she sent me a link to a ring saying, "I changed my mind- this is the engagement ring I want..."

If you go to that link you will discover that it is a replica of the ring given to Laura Webber by Luke Spencer, more commonly known just as Luke and Laura, on General Hospital. If you have no idea who I'm talking about let's suffice it to say that Luke and Laura's wedding episode was the highest-rated hour in soap opera history with $30 million viewers tuning in. Their story line was what is called a BIG DEAL.

However, does anyone else out there know why starting your marriage with this particular ring may be a bad idea? It's a little bit of trivia people seem to have forgotten in the furvor over "the perfect couple."

You may be surprised to discover that before they were the perfect couple, Laura was married to someone else and Luke got drunk and raped her. That's right, Luke raped Laura. (Don't believe me? Check out this Wikipedia article)

What this ring really says is, "You too can be raped and find true love." I don't think I need to elaborate further on the wrongness of it. They may say "Love conquers all" but fuck that shit (pardon my french). The only aisle a rapist should be walking down is in a courthouse.

Revisiting my 43 Things

A week or so ago I posted about the 43 Things I have listed over at the 43 Things website. I have revamped and refurbished it a little and will continue to do so as we count down to the end of the year. One of the things on my list was to "identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)" Since that seemed pretty doable I decided to do it. (It helped that I already wrote 70 of them about a year ago.) Let me know if you discover any duplicates.

1) sleeping in my own bed after a trip
2) lazy Saturdays
3) Having organized closets
4) meeting new people
5) reconnecting with people I already know
6) trying new things
7) making people smile
8) making people laugh
9) inside jokes
10) being with my 4 year old niece.
11) unsolicited hugs from my niece
12) connecting with a child
13) playing hookie from work for an hour
14) my flowers actually growing
15) getting things done before the deadline
16) getting compliments from an ex-boyfriend who is an ex because he gave me the opposite of compliments while we were going out.
17) Mangos
18) seeing grown men act like kids (not adolescents) – silly, excited.
19) Browsing in stores with artistic tchotchkies
20) Mocha lattes
21) Catching a ground ball and tagging someone out
22) Socializing with friends
23) green living things after a long winter
24) changing the page on my calendar
25) Beating my time in a 5K
26) Flirting
27) Parents doing stuff with their kids
28) Lying in the grass
29) romantic comedies
30) seeing someone I haven’t seen in a long time
31) Harry Potter books and movies
32) Lord of the Rings books and movies
33) Billy Boyd
34) beer time after softball games
35) whoopie pies
36) laughter
37) getting cheers and comments on 43 Things
38) discovering new muscles
39) Fantasizing
40) seeing new places
41) Crossing something off my to do list.
42) My favorite song on the radio
43) Being able to roll down the windows in my car
44) bumping into someone unexpectedly
45) Getting RSVPs
46) Discovering that I am not an idiot, it was the data that was screwed up.
47) good hair days
48) finding pants that fit
49) getting to the cash register and finding out something is on sale.
50) funny blogs about life
51) singing showtunes at the top of my lungs
52) Having different friends to vent to about different things
53) Puppies
54) Irish accents
55) Any accents
56) Epcot
57) Maple trees
58) getting out of a speeding ticket
59) a fresh box of crayons
60) the ocean
61) Kids wearing costumes when it’s not Halloween
62) Doing something I’ve never done before
63) Getting an email from someone unexpectedly.
64) Talking like peers with my boss, and her boss.
65) Empty sketchpads waiting to be filled.
66) getting my hair washed by a professional
67) discovering courage I didn’t know I had
68) Crisp autumn air
69) unexpected hugs
70) Discovering someone’s taste in whatever – music, movies, etc – is not what I would have thought.
71) Dancing with wild abandon
72) Waking up naturally with no plans to get out of bed
73) Hearing that my niece wore big girl panties for the first time. Care Bear panties if you must know.
74) Beads
75) Finding out something I never knew about someone that amazes me and makes me respect or admire them even more for their strength, humor, persistence or what have you.
76) Knowing that someone is thinking about me
77) Random acts of kindess
78) Senseless acts of beauty
79) Having someone tell me they love me for the first time.
80) Making out
81) Snuggling
82) Day dreaming
83) Night dreaming
84) Discovering that I still have a few hours left to sleep before the alarm goes off.
85) Peeing after I’ve had to hold it for too long.
86) Curling up in bed with a good book
87) Curling up on the couch with FG and a good book
88) Finishing books right before they are due back at the library
89) Putting things in their place (unless we’re talking about hanging up clothes. I hate that.)
90) FG’s smell
91) Pens that write nicely
92) Being included
93) Losing a pound without trying
94) Losing track of time while working on a project and 1) getting a lot done, 2) getting to go to lunch or home.
95) The smell of baking
96) FG's smile
97) Heartfelt toasts
98) Being silly with other grown-ups
99) My friends
100) My family

Monday, December 18, 2006

Class, please turn to page 123.

Is it wrong to do a Meme without being tagged? Eh, I don't care. I saw this over at I Blame the Patriarchy who got it from Second Waver.

Here's what you gotta do:
1. Go to the nearest book in your reach and turn to page 123.
2. Go to the fifth sentence of the book.
3. Copy the next three sentences, then tag someone else.

Since I happened to have just acquired the book, In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner, from NPapaya I thought I'd see if anything interesting happened.

Here's the lines I get:

"Fuck you. I'm leaving." Maggie said, throwing down her napkin.
"Sit down," said Rose wearily. "Eat your breakfast. I'm going to the bathroom."

I kinda like that. Short. Simple. To the point. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Feel free to tag yourself if you'd like. It's the holidays and I don't want to add stress to anyone's lives by tagging them inconveniently.

We now interupt your regularly scheduled programming...

I figure I'll take a break from providing you with the highest quality holiday programming to chit chat about my life a little. After all, that's sort of what a blog is for. At least this one.

I had a busy weekend. I cooked lunch for my Dad and stepmother on Saturday. My niece and my sister were supposed to come too but poor Elbow (that's what I call my niece) didn't come because she has pink eye. Then Friendster Guy and I went to LLBean to buy my Christmas presents (a coat, mittens, and long underwear). Between that stuff and the ski pants I got from my Dad I should be all outfitted to learn how to ski - or at least sit in the lodge in style sweating my ass off.

You don't know this about me but in addition to being a fabulous college administrator, an awesome abs class instructor, a procrastinating thesis writer and a prolific blogger, I am also what can be defined as a professional organizer. If you've ever seen Clean Sweep or Mission: Organization, that's what I do. Only on a smaller scale with no cameras, carpenters or other people helping behind the scenes. Because I've been so busy with other stuff, I haven't had any clients in about a year and a half and, truthfully, I've only had about 5 clients - several who were people I already knew and who were actually helping me out so I could learn how to do this. One of them, the only "real" client I ever had, emailed me a week or so ago and asked for help organizing her study/office so I said "What the heck? I could use a little pocket money."

I went over to her place Sunday and we spent over 5 hours going through all the piles, drawers, boxes and shelves. She'd just moved so things had been taken out and put away willy nilly and there were several boxes left to unpack that she didn't know what was in half of. We grouped like with like and sorted every single thing. We didn't tackle the files specifically but if we found random pieces of paper we tried to either create a file or put it in the to be filed pile. Luckily she has lots of space to put all her stuff, she just needed the impetus to get started. I left her with the next step of sorting the files she did have into categories - at least home vs. work but also maybe home - reference, home - finances, work - projects, work - reference, etc... After that, I suggested she sort the files in those categories by alphabetical order. ABC is the easiest way to go. She's already asked if I can come back and help her with some other projects. At the rate I charge, you betcha! And tell your friends.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Star Wars Holiday Special

I am SO sorry to do this to you. I didn't know this existed (probably because I was 2 at the time) but this needs to be shared. It is bad - very, very bad. I honestly have not watched the whole thing. But now you can. If you can stand it. Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Jefferson Starship. Oh man it's bad.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part2/10

Luke Skywalker wearing more makeup than I own and acting as badly as ever.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part3/10

Art Carney (?) as an alien Julia Child. My retinas still haven't forgiven me.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part4/10

Diane Carrol as a transvestite. Or a Glamour Shot gone really bad. Or both.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part5/10

Jefferson Starship singing into glowing purple popcicles. No,I am not smoking anything. I may need to start though!

Star Wars Holiday Special Part6/10

A Star Wars Cartoon.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part7/10

Star Wars Holiday Special Part8/10

Bea Arthur. In the cantina. Singing. Dear Lord.

Star Wars Holiday Special Part9/10

If you let this load while on pause, and then scroll over to minute 8:30, you'll be rewarded with Wookies in red robes walking into a white light. Well, rewarded may not be the word I'm looking for. Han Solo is in here for a little bit too. Not that that really makes it worth it. Did I mention that this is bad?

Star Wars Holiday Special Part10/10

Princess Leah sings while mildly molesting Chewy. Luke and Han look on thinking, "They are NOT paying me enough to be doing this."

If you made it all the way to the end, you're better than I am. I may have lost a few brain cells. The 70's. Gotta love 'em.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The only version of 12 Days of Christmas that I can tolerate

Yes, it is absolutely cheesy that my favorite Christmas albumn/special involves both the muppets AND John Denver but, to me, this IS Christmas. It makes me happy.

More to come on later dates.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Continuing with my trend to provide you with the highest quality holiday entertainment, here's one of my favorites. If you're anything like me you grew up with Sesame Street and probably saw this special.* Raise your hand if you remember Mr. Hooper (look for him in the subway scene around 2 minutes 30 seconds). We had this taped on VHS and when my little brother was about 4 he would literally watch it and rewind it and watch it again over and over. That and Ghostbusters. To each their own. I watched it so many times with him I can still do the sign language to the song Keep Christmas With You.

*It is out on DVD if you're interested. I'm still waiting for A Christmas Together with John Denver and the Muppets. My absolute favorite**. I have the CD.
** I just found clips on YouTube!!! Stay tuned for your next installment of superb Christmas entertainment!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

The Family Guy - much better than two turtle doves. And don't even get me started on the lords a leaping.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Somewhere else or Bust!

These are places I have actually visited, not just travelled through.

create your own personalized map of the USA

create your own visited country map

I definitely need to explore the world a little more. That's a whole lot of grey. But 3 continents!

Thanks Queen Geek for the link.

I'm such a sap

This video gets me every time. *sniff*

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What a difference a day makes

I started reading a book called the Book of Kehl's last night. It's a memoir by a woman, Christine Kehl O'Hagan, who's brother and son both die from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. What I found interesting, profound, deep...something that I can't find the words for...was that the book starts with an introduction describing her son's last day on earth, May 19, 1998.

This date also happens to be my wedding day. It's therefore one of the few dates I can actually picture in my mind. It's very odd to be reading a play by play of the author's last day with her son in the hospital while I can recall dancing the night away with my friends and family.

It's amazing how different the same day can be to two people.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tower of Babble

I am currently editing the interview I did with my mother for my thesis (an oral history of our home town) and oh my f'ing god I want to tell her interview to put an f'ing cork in it. Apparently I either have PMS or I'm not really that interested in working on my thesis because I'm being annoyed to death. It feels like 11 pages of asinine information. It's not really - although it sort of is - because now that I have some sort of clue how my thesis is going to unfold I'm realizing how much of her interview I'm not going to be using. I also discovered that the interviews I edited earlier aren't as crisp and formatted as the more recent ones so I have to go back through and edit them a little again before I get to my next step which is taking all the pieces and parts from all the interviews and grouping them together to tell a story. I don't feel like I can do that until I've labeled sections in each interview since otherwise I'll be scrolling through 200 pages of babbling to find that one clip I can't seem to find. (And speaking of babbling...) I'm a little annoyed right now. I'm going to go have a piece of that flowerless chocolate cake. Maybe I can regroup in a half an hour.

I am a domestic goddess

I was on a serious tear this weekend. I got so much done. Including one of the things on my list of 43 Things!

In a nutshell:

I went to my sister's on Friday night and babysat my niece. I left there Sat at 9:30am, picked up my old engagement ring in VT (it was on consignment and they couldn't sell it. Grr.), put up my new curtains, wrapped presents, worked on my thesis, baked banana bread, cleaned my apartment/unpacked more, and had dinner with Friendster Guy. Then Sunday I baked a flourless chocolate cake [from my list of 43 Things - now replaced with "Update my address book".], wrapped the presents that I had to put together before wrapping, did groceries, worked on my thesis, took a nap, cooked dinner and went to bed. Phew!

P.S. I also tried posting something from YouTube yesterday but they don't yet seem to accept Blogger Beta. Dang it. I guess that's the Beta part of Beta.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


At this time of year, besides thinking about all the food we're eating and money we're spending, we also start to think about resolutions - like diets and debt reduction.

To help you keep track of your resolutions, or just your list of things to do with your life, there's a website called 43 Things where you can create a list of 43 things you'd like to do, from the mundane to pie in the sky. Every so often I revisit and update my list. You can also check off what you've done, write entries about your goals, and see who else is working on the same goal.

My Mom is on there (and on Friendster, and she recently joined MySpace - much to my sister's chagrine because now we sort of have to tone down our comments and such.) She has goals ranging from "clean the basement" to "Kiss Johnny Depp." She's got a little bit of a thing for that man. Actually, quite a thing for the man. To the point where she is going to be getting a heck of a lot of Jack Sparrow paraphenalia for Christmas.

Anyway, here are my 43 Things at the moment (my apologies for the formatting, or lack thereof. )

speak spanish fluently
live in a foreign country
write more letters
eat less sugar
lose weight
learn to play guitar
Finish what I start
Take a "one-year off" trip
get a six pack
be happy with my body
Be debt free
volunteer at the animal shelter
Read Harry Potter in Spanish
watch the AFI Top 100 American movies
visit all 50 states
learn to paint
spend more time outdoors
become involved in local theater
make a flourless chocolate cake
practice discardia
Host a dinner party
figure out what i want to be when i grow up
get a dog
read every book I own
Meet and befriend a celebrity
smile at strangers
Challenge myself
Be a lounge singer
go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
improve my memory
Write a will
Go to trapeze school
Go up in a hot air balloon
finish my thesis
receive a letter from Hogwarts apologizing for the late owl but informing me that i am actually a wizard.
NEVER feel bad for something I cannot control
Spend Wisely and Save Like a Mad Woman
Get rid of one possession every day
learn not to take things personally
be comfortable in lingerie
learn how to draw with pastels
Learn to juggle

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dinah who?

To be sung to the tune of "I've been workin' on the railroad"

I've been working on my thesis
All the live long day.
I've been working on my thesis
Just to make it go awaaay

Can't you see my gray hairs show-in'
Give up before I am forelorn
Can't you hear me scream'n, shouting
Why was I ever born?

Ok, so it's not that bad - the working on the thesis part, not the song, because obviously that's horrible. But I got the words "I've been working on my thesis" stuck in my head to that tune so I had to follow it through to the end. Eh voila, a song is born.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Add Frankincense to cart.

You know what is a total racket?

Amazon's free shipping if you spend $25.

Do you know how many extraneous things I have purchased simply because I wanted free shipping? I just spent $50 extra dollars on something to save about $2.99. That's right, $50! (Although it was on a gift for someone who I was having difficulty finding a gift for so in this case it all worked out for the best.)

The problem then becomes the slowness of the shipping (as my friend Npapaya says, "it's on a slow boat from Australia") and my new addiction to the tracking feature. If I'd paid the shipping, I'd already have a previous package I ordered. Instead, I'm checking the tracking every half hour to see if my package has arrived or departed from anywhere new lately. The most recent update was two days ago when my package left someplace called New Earth, MO or some other big square state in the middle of the country (Sorry to those of you in the mid-west. My U.S. geography knowledge sucks. My brain is full up with all these little states here in the northeast that everyone thinks are part of upstate NY.)

Anyway, on top of that, my browser crashes every other time I check Amazon. Grrr.

Not that I'm complaining. It could be a lot worse - I could have to go brave the crowds and actually physically shop. Shudder.

On another note, congratulations to Mary Cheney and Heather Poe on their baby-on-the-way. It's too bad some people can't just be happy for them. There's nothing like bringing more negativity into the world simply because someone wants to love and nurture a child. Especially at Christmas time given that Mary, of "JesusMaryandJoseph!" fame, was an unwed teenage mother, and is therefore what I'm sure some conservative christians would label a brazen hussy.

Traditional families are for sissys.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dead On

When it's true, it's true. (Thanks for the inspiration Jen!)

What type of person do you attract?
Your Result: You attract geeks!

Your stunning intellect and love of sci-fi and video games allures the geeks like nothing else. Maybe it is the sparkle in your eye that makes them want to text you, who knows. Geeks make good partners, but tend to be arguementative. If you are a TRUE geek magnet, you will know if that was spelled correctly, and actually care. If it is a bad-boy/bad-girl you are seeking, you are barking up the wrong tree, unless they are just 'bad' behind a PS2 console.

You attract Yuppies!
You attract artsy people!
You attract models!
You attract unstable people!
You attract rednecks!
What type of person do you attract?
Quizzes for MySpace

It's funny that it says I attract rednecks the least because they sure as hell were pouring out of when I was on there.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Inspired by Heather over at This Fish Needs a Bicycle, here are 10 things I've learned from my relationships with men. Caution: Severe cynicism ahead... (I took it in a different direction than she did.)

1. It is possible to be perfectly content with the status quo of a bad relationship until the other person points out that they are not happy and are leaving. (My X)
2. There is no moral dilemma in dating one person while being in love with someone else. (Several former boyfriends)
3. Throwing yourself down a flight of stairs face first multiple times is a perfectly acceptable way to behave the first time you meet her father (you know who you are.)
4. It's ok to unfavorably compare your girlfriend's body to that of an overly developed 14 years old's - outloud no less.
5. Work is WAY more important than a relationship.
6. Dungeons and Dragons is WAY more important than a relationship.
7. As long as you write and sing songs that seem deep you don't actually have to care for someone.
8. It's ok to diss someone for pot and cause that very nice, now dissed person, to have to drive the friend you brought to the party, who she doesn't even know, home because you also dissed them.
9. It's ok (when you are over 25) to call a girl up and say "Hey, my parents aren't home, you wanna come over and take a shower with me?" (This isn't one of mine but it's worth including.)
10. Inviting one person to the prom and then spending the night talking about how beautiful another person looks is a really good way to spend an evening. Also, leaving your date at someone's house so when she wakes up in the morning thinking you are there she actually doesn't have a ride home is good form.

Under Construction

Don't worry. I'm just playing with Blogger Beta and new templates.

Mars and Venus strike again

Me - (Internal monologue while putting on flannel pajamas the other night) I wonder what FG thinks of these pajamas? They aren't exactly flattering. In fact, they could be considered downright unflattering. And I've worn them a lot. Maybe he thinks I look fat. Or dowdy. I've been feeling dowdy lately. Or maybe he thinks they are unsexy? Maybe he hates them and wishes I'd wear something more revealing. Screw it. Just put them on and go to bed.

Friendster Guy - Are those new pajamas?

Clearly, I need to chill.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Can't seem to find bloggy, or really much of any, motivation today.

Luckily, the one thing I am motivated to do is a work project. Of course it is a work project that is unnecessary for me to work on at this point and I have other things much more pressing but hey, I do what I can. At least it's something. Otherwise I'd be sitting here surfing the internet all day or wishing I could crawl under my deask and take a nap. Now THAT would be a killer way to spend the afternoon.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Being a fairy tale parent is hazardous to your health

You ever notice how many children's/fairy tale characters are either orphans, being raised by non-parents, are abandoned, or have only one parent? I guess it's pretty hard to write a story when pesky parents and rules keep getting in the way. I suppose the worst thing a kid can think of that could happen is their parents no longer being there for them. But still, that's heck of a lot of dead parents.

Here's a list of the fairy tales and other stories involving parentless or partially parentless characters that I could think of off the top of my head.

Sleeping Beauty ( Her parents are asleep her whole life)
Harry Potter
The kids from Lemony Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events
Hansel and Gretel
The kid from the Jungle Book
The 101 Dalmations (give or take a couple)
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Pete from Pete's Dragon
Arthur from The Sword in the Stone
The girl in The Rescuers
Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

One Parent
Ariel, the little mermaid
Jasmin from Aladdin
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Beast from Beauty and the Beast
Snow White

Abandoned/Parents are unavailable
Mary Poppins
The kids from Bedknobs and Broomsticks

The only Disney "Princess" I can think of that has parents is Mulan and that's pivotal to the plot line. She's disrespecting them by joining the army as a male.

Feel free to add any I missed.