Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Welcome one and all

So, it seems that everyone and their mother has a blog these days. I'm not exactly a bandwagon jumper but in this case I thought why the hell not? I like to talk about myself and sometimes I even have interesting things to say. Or so I think. One nice thing about a blog is you can always leave if I'm boring you. Have a lovely day either way.

About myself and why I think I need a blog:
Well, after 7.5 years of marriage I signed divorce papers yesterday. So what? you ask. Lots of people get divorced. True, but I've been married since I was 21 and before that had only one serious boyfriend. Here's the kicker, they were both really good friends before things got serious so I have never been on a real date of the "get to know you" variety. Never. I've never even been hit on in a bar. I'm not unattractive. Granted I'm more Janine Garafolo than Angelina Jolie, but who isn't?

In addition to being newly single, inexperienced at dating, and on the verge of turning 30, I live in an area of the country oddly devoid of single men of the type I - and my poor friends who have been single a lot longer than me - want to date. Therefore, this blog will undoubtedly be about the aftermath of said divorce and my adventures in dating. God I hope there are adventures. Because the alternative will be a very boring life. Thank goodness for girlfriends. I underestimated their value for a long time.

Now I have to pull on my big girl underoos and sassy pants (see how confident and yet self-effacing/silly I am? Who wouldn't want to date me?) and face the world.

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