Sunday, October 30, 2005

What part of "slow down" don't you understand?

So my friends in the "slow down" camp are totally losing. I have a date (at least I think it's a date) with an old friend next weekend. It's hard to know if it's a date because a) we already know each other and b) I asked him and c) he's currently going through a divorce as well. I'm not sure if he thinks it's a date or not. But based on some potentially flirty email since I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner and compare divorce war stories I do think it's a date. Go me.

Here's where the not slowing down part comes in even more. I was at a Halloween party this evening (looking particularly cute/sexy if I may say so myself) and met a very nice and gentlemanly man (as opposed to the guy in the Prince costume who rubbed himself all over me.) Anyway, because the party was for graduate students I figured at age 29 I was one of the older folks. When this nice guy told me he was in his first year at med school I was sure he was 22 and wrote him off. But then we kept talking and he mentioned having had a job for 6 or so years before going back to school. Ah ha! Not only is he not 22, he's 32! And he seemed honestly pleased to discover I was not 22 either. It's definitely not a bad thing when someone is happy to find out you are older than they think.

It was a huge dance party so we parted ways for awhile when my friends arrived. But then I found him again and we talked some more, or as much as we could with hip hop music playing at ear bleeding levels. When his friends came by he introduced me as if we'd known each other forever (for reference only, it took my soon-to-be-ex-husband about 2 years to introduce me as his wife and then another year or so to also include my name). He was nicely attentive and concerned about my well-being and comfort. When the party was over we shook hands, both acknowledged that it was very nice to meet the other, and parted ways. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I wanted to give him my number - which would have been an absolute first for me - but there was no readily available writing implement or paper that I could see and I hadn't brought my purse. Luckily, he had a unique name (Mine is not and I hadn't mentioned my last name) and I realized as I left that I could find his email address in the campus directory. So...I went right home, looked him up, and sent him an email telling him I enjoyed meeting him and to let me know if he wanted to have coffee sometime. Yowza! That is not a woman slowing down. That is a woman moving full speed ahead. Watch out world! Brazen woman coming through!

Where is this woman that I've become coming from? It's like I'm channeling some sort of Sex and the City character. I love it.

Don't worry, I'm still more Charlotte or Miranda than Samantha.


Josh said...

screw slowing down. it sounds like you spent the last couple of years of your marriage slowing down. go for it!

npapaya said...

Go for it!! Let this party be your version of my post-office (only more successful). I love's inspiring- and considering the limited pool available in this area every viable candidate should be pursued.

NinjaMama said...

Have I mentioned I WORK at the MED SCHOOL!!!!!