Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hi. My name is X and I'm a addict.

I've been on way too much in the last three days. I sat through dial-up hell at my Mom's just to check my email and see if anyone checked me out. And they have. And it's like crack.

I've exchanged emails with at least four guys now. None of whom seem too creepy (like you can really tell. At least they use proper punctuation and complete sentences.). The one I mentioned in my last post (the non-creepy one) made me laugh because I mentioned the closet nympho to him and he said "Who knew closets were that sexy?" Or something similar. I thought it was funny anyway.

I also emailed a guy who is a high-school teacher and doesn't want to put his photo up because he's seen some of his students lurking about Match and posting profiles. That's just not right. They can't really stop anyone from looking but if you are jailbait you shouldn't be posting. I can imagine how awkward that would be to walk into school one day and have a print out of your profile on your desk, or the board, or something. These are things I wouldn't have thought about.

I also emailed one of the cute guys from my volleyball team, but more as a "Hey there! Look at us both on!" than a "Let's go on a date" message.

Meanwhile, Friendster #1 has not yet emailed me with our date schedule so there is no update for you on that front. It's ok though, I've got Match to tide me over.

I solemly swear I will be getting off the computer after this post and going to bed. Yeah right. If you believe that I've got some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you.

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NinjaMama said...

You are too funny!!