Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's raining men

Friendster #1 has written back and told me all about his career track, which is appropriate since I asked, but he did not pursue the coffee/margarita line of inquiry. I know guys don’t necessarily get subtly but is “You’re gonna owe me a coffee or a margarita” really all that subtle? I don’t think so. We’ll continue the conversation and see what happens. I have now asked him if his job requires odd hours or him being on call. At least then I’ll know when a date might be scheduled. And if I have to do the asking I will.

In other news, California Dream Boy – heretofore known as my good friend in California – and I had a nice phone conversation last night. He called me (granted it was after I left him a couple of messages and an email or two but still, he came through) and we talked for about an hour. It was nice to get some of the weirdness out. Although there didn’t really seem to be too much. I made sure to talk about the elephant in the room however. Otherwise we could have had a lovely hour of small talk and not have moved beyond my confession of undying love (for the record, the undying love is dead). Surprisingly, it turns out I am not the first of his female friends to declare their affections. What is it about this guy that makes us want to have a relationship with him, and yet he’s never in one? He’s cute, smart, nice … the perfect guy I suppose. I’ve known him for a decade and I still have no idea what he’s looking for. It’s apparently not me or this other woman who confessed. May all three of us find whatever we’re looking for.

Let’s add another male to my potential date roster. My friend/co-worker N and I went to a hockey game last weekend and while the seats began to fill she pointed out this pretty cute, in an intellectual kind of way, guy a few rows from us. She explained she was at a party a few months back when I was still married and met him and she instantly thought he would be perfect for me. Since I was married nothing came of it. Now, of course, all bets are off. The weird part is that once the seats filled in it turned out he’s friends with a big group of my friends. But it’s all the friends I know through my ex-husband and his grad program. In other words, any mention of us getting together for a date would instantly lead to him questioning our mutual friends and that would get back to soon-to-be-ex-spouse (STBX). I’m very quickly getting to the point where I don’t really care but it still feels a little weird since the divorce isn’t final (next week baby!). Anyway, I went to another hockey game with N last night and since we are all creatures of habit we were in the same seats. N and cute intellectual were there earlier than I. When I arrived, N informed me that she had spoken with cute intellectual, found out he was straight and single (bonus), and had told him the same party story she’d shared with me. When I got over my shock that N had already tried to set us up I of course wanted to know what he’d said. (I was also glad I’d at least attempted to look cute for the game. Lipstick, combed hair…) She said his only concern was that he’s only going to be in the area for another 3 months and doesn’t want to start anything. All thoughts of ex-spouse had apparently evaporated because I exclaimed “I don’t want to marry the guy!” and I was slightly disappointed he hadn’t said “Sure!” right away. We never spoke at the game but I know that he checked me out and I did the same. We were both very subtle and quiet about it. No leering and we both paid attention to the game (Ok he paid attention to the game – I tried not stare at the cute guy from the gym) I wonder when my STBX will hear about it. I also wonder if we’ll ever go out. There aren’t any home games for the next few weeks so I’m unlikely to bump into him anywhere (although today I did bump into one of the gay men who had stuffed dollars into my bra at the drag show. I live in a very small area people. A very small, don’t do anything you will regret because everyone will know, area.). I never knew I’d be so interested in hockey : )

How’s that for an update: Friendster #1, CA Dream boy (now good friend in CA), new Intellectual, and cute gym guy.

That’s not too bad a weekend if I do say so myself.

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