Thursday, November 10, 2005

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I’m being proactive. I just emailed two guys on Friendster who are supposedly single and in my area. Why the hell not? One of them had checked out my profile previously so I had sent him a smile (a convenient little feature Friendster has). A few days later he sent me a smile. And then I waited and wondered what to do next.

Last night when I logged in I saw he was on-line and then he was on again at lunch today so I sent him a message joking that he’s always on Friendster at the same time as I am, that I’m not a stalker, and thanks for the smile.

The second person I emailed listed “eating Asian food” as a hobby but then wrote “(But that’s not really a hobby)”. Since eating ethnic food was on my list of hobbies I wrote him saying “Eating asian food is most definitely a hobby, and a darned good one.”

I tried to keep it light, funny, and not too desperate. (For the record I haven’t reached desperate yet. It will be awhile I hope.) I don’t want to be too flirty on-line but I also don’t want to sit back and wait for them to come to me. I might be dead by then. Maybe I’ll get to go out for some Asian food soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Aside: The problem with living in this day and age is the speed at which we can get responses. When we don’t get responses instantly we wonder what we did wrong to make the other person avoid us. Usually it’s just that they are busy and actually working but we’ve made up entire scenarios about how fat, ugly, obnoxious, and pushy we are and how they are right now changing their phone number and locks in order to avoid us.

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npapaya said...

i completely concur- it's hard to strike the balance between being outgoing and take charge and overbearing and freaky. You do a good job walking the tightrope.

As for the whole speedy response thing- don't get me started. I'm by no means the worst, but I do sometimes catch myself bemoaning the fact that they guy I'm digging has a job and can't devote himself to keeping me entertained at work with cute emails.