Saturday, November 26, 2005

I joined and it's totally making me giggle. Over 90 men have viewed me and 2 guys have emailed me already. Holy moses, it's raining men. The first guy to email was a little creepy. In the same paragraph where he told me his 3 years old daughter is the light of his life he also said that for the right girl he was a closet nympho. Ick. He should have kept that in the closet a little longer. But then another guy who's profile says he's gone through my masters program emailed me and was anything but creepy. I replied. We'll see what happens.

Oh! And I'm going out with Friendster #1 next week! Details are TBD but we're definitely going out!

It's a date. An actual date. Whoo hoo.

Some single friends of mine said that the best way to get a date is to already have a date scheduled. Let's begin the parade of men.

I'll keep you posted.

I'm going to go into a food coma now. I just finished Thanksgiving number 2.

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