Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh Mah Gawd!

I walk into the gym and there, sitting at the first machine facing the door is date number 3! Holy worlds colliding. After we looked at each other and realized who we were we said hello and chatted for awhile. Actually, he chatted, I sat there all tongue tied because I was so unprepared for my on-line life to interact with my real life so quickly. He seems very nice and is very cute. And buff too. He said I had nice eyes : ) And he asked me to go out later tonight. I wisely said no. Wisely on two levels: One - I have not been in my apartment for more than an hour in at least a week and I need to do things like pay bills and do laundry, and Two - I think it was just a good idea not to jump into a date like that. He emailed me sometime soon after we parted and said I was a cutie in person too and wants to get together soon. Hee hee. A girl can use an ego boost like that. I've sent him my phone number so we can figure out when we can get together.

P.S. Friendster #1 and Date #3 have the same first name as STBX and CA Dream boy. Did any parents in the 70s name their children anything else?!!

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NinjaMama said...


My blog is like the boring sister side of the soap. Wow. Reality overload. ; }

With this name thing being the same it is a good thing I am not trying to keep up with you on the phone! tee hee