Monday, November 14, 2005

Practice Random Kindness

So I was driving from my niece's birthday party (she's 3) to the afore mentioned drag show and I came across a toll. For some reason, people were not able to understand the red versus green light and kept pulling up to the lane that was closed (red) and had to try to scoot into the lane that was open (green). (Are you following the color coding? Good.) I let two people who were stuck in the red lane go in front of me and then said to myself "No more! It's my turn to go through." I was sort of in a hurry and because I'm now conserving quarters for laundry I was in the non-exact change lane. Then a lady in a mini-van failed to comprehend the red light as well. I wasn't close enough to the gate to just move forward like I hadn't seen her but I was kind of annoyed and afraid the people behind me would start getting pissy if I let anymore people through. I let her through anyway and made exasperated sighing noises behind her as if she and the people behind me could hear me. Then I finally got up the toll person. When I did she waved me through. She said I was all set, the woman in the mini-van had paid for me. Really? Wow. Could I have a side of humble pie with that?
Random kindness. It can make a person's day.


Carol said...
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NinjaMama said...

It does pay off sometimes. I find I can look myself in the mirror and really like who I see after I am extra considerate.

Athough, I have been taken advantage of in the recent past and that doesn't feel too good.

raindrop said...

Great story!