Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Separation and Slight of Hand

I realized last night that I’m able to go days without thinking about my soon-to-be-ex-spouse. I only asked for a divorce in late September so in seven weeks I’ve gone from being married and living together in a condo to being a single girl not even wasting any thoughts on my former spouse. I guess that means I was ready to move on.

I hope he’s feeling the same way. See, that’s the problem with splitting up amicably, you still care how the other person is feeling. At least when that person actually enters your thoughts, which as I just mentioned is not often. This is a good thing. Sometimes I have too much empathy for my own good.

On a more positive note, I ran into a friend yesterday who invited me to join her at a bar to celebrate her birthday. I’m glad I said yes. I had a nice chat with some lovely ladies and I learned a great way to start a conversation with (and subsequently captivate) men. In her wallet, the birthday girl carries this card trick she cut off the back of some Keebler crackers box years ago. It’s six or so cards with a grid of numbers on each. You ask someone to pick a card and pick a number on the card without telling you what it is. Then using the other cards and asking the card picker if their number is on them you can then guess their number. It certainly worked on the one guy we met. She travels a lot and says she uses it to talk to guys in airports. I want a copy of those cards!

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