Thursday, November 17, 2005


I've decided that my strategy to meet men is to say yes to every invitation I receive to any event whether or not there will be men there or not. This is what my last 7 days looked like -

Friday I went to a men's hockey game where I saw (ok stalked with my eyes) a cute boy from my gym and was then able to start a conversation about it with him later in the week.

Saturday I went to my nieces birthday party and then the drag show where I got all sassy with a feather boa and some lesbians.

Sunday I played in a volleyball game and there were two new cute guys there that I had not met before. And I finally got to talk to the ones that had already been there.

Monday I helped some friends in a play writing class (all women) by honing my acting skills and reading their pieces. The plays are very good and I'm having fun doing it.

Tuesday I stayed home sick but felt much better in the evening so called a fabulous friend who invited me to dinner at her place. I met a nice man who probably knows other nice men and has promised to say hello at the next happy hour event we both frequent so we can both meet other nice people of the opposite sex.

Wednesday I had another volleyball game and instead of going straight home - despite it being already an hour plus past my bedtime - I went out and had a drink (ok water) with all the guys on the team and two girls.

Tonight I've already had a margarita and appetizers at a local Mexican place (there were a few nice looking gents there. Good to know they exist.) and am just biding my time until I meet the volleyball team at another bar where one of our teammates is doing open mike. I'm all dressed up and ready to go because so far the team has only seen me in workout clothes. I'm working a black low cut dress this evening folks. I wore it to work so it's not too risque but it's probably about as sexy as I get. We'll see what happens.

So far no response from Friendster #1 but it usually takes him a few days. Plus, I'm trying to work on patience. In the meantime I'm going out and meeting people - male, female, gay, straight. It's all good.

P.S. I am such a light weight. I had one margarita and was all sorts of tipsy. Thank god we ate a little before we left. I got up to use the ladies and wasn't sure I was walking straight. Gentlemen, I am a cheap date. One alcoholic beverage and the rest of the night I'm drinking water.

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