Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When it rains it pours!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a date with Friendster #1 for lunch on Thursday. Yeeha! He suggested that since it is my first "meet someone on the internet" date that we start simple - not drinks or dinner. I think that was very considerate of him. He's already dated and had a relationship with other women he's met on-line. He's more seasoned than I am but he seems very nice and from his picture he's pretty cute. I seem to have developed a taste for men with glasses.

In addition, I have another date on Saturday for coffee with the Match.com guy who joked about the closets (See my last post).

AND, I'm pretty sure I'm about to be asked on another date by a different Match.com guy. After a couple of emails exchanged he just suggested we get together to talk about our travels.

In other news, my STBX and I went to the courthouse today and filed all the paperwork. Once the judge signs them on Thursday we will be officially divorced. I had told my boss that I was going to take the whole day off just in case I had some sort of emotional meltdown but it was less emotional than buying a car. STBX and I joked, talked about Christmas plans, and just parted ways with a quick hug and a silly "Happy Divorce!" Maybe it will hit me later. Maybe it won't. Until then, I'm doing fine, and going on lots of dates!

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