Saturday, December 10, 2005


I just had the most wonderful and bizarre experience. I thought I was crazy with two dates in the same day, but no, it gets weirder. I'm pretty sure I just had a date with two men at the same time. I think it has to be some kind of record. High School Guy, his British Musician friend and I met at a restaurant/bar at 7:30pm. One of my single gal pals was supposed to meet us but because of the weather bowed out. The three of us had a nice meal and while High School Guy (who passed my drinking test with flying colors and I really like now) was in the bathroom British Musician asked if he could have my number and take me out some time! Eeeekkk!!!! That's a scream of delight, not horror - sort of. High School Guy ended up seeing all this transpire but didn't seem phased by it (I had already told them all about my other dates so the fact that I was dating other people wasn't an issue. In fact, it seems to make men more interested...) For the rest of the night British Musician kept suggesting things we could do on our date. We were at the restaurant talking and playing darts until 1:00am - they were putting up the chairs when we left - and I drove them home to High School Guys place because they had walked. I went in and they proceeded to play music (guitar and banjo) and sing for me. I just left at 2:30am and they didn't want me to leave. It was really sweet but flirting and being attentive to two guys at once is tough. Talk about juggling. I really wanted High School Guy to know I was interested in him but I didn't want to hurt British Musicians feelings because he was also so nice. And had an accent.

Anyway, it is 3 freaking AM and I should be in bed resting up for the two more dates I'm having this weekend. Thanks goodness I'm getting a mattress tomorrow. I need something to make me go to bed. The futon mattress isn't exactly calling to me.

Oh! And remember Buff Gym Guy's brother? Yeah, High School Guy is really good friends with him. They play and produce music together. High School Guy knows Buff Gym Guy. I might have lied about there being plenty of men. That chain connected at both ends pretty quickly.


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