Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ambiguously intentioned flirting hanging out meetings

This is a phrase my X coined to describe the couple of get togethers he had with our co-friend. I think it is a great phrase and we should all use it in a sentence today. I think it is also great that I can have a conversation about dating with my X. I have now sent him an email about the 6.5 guys I have gone out with. He might be in for a shock when he gets it. I also told him "Go us!" for our ability to have these sorts of chats. This is all so very weird. Have you ever heard of any other couple who could decide to divorce at the end of September, be divorced the end of November, and have calm, funny conversations about their dating lives before Christmas? I haven't. I consider myself very lucky. Living a very strange life, but very lucky.

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