Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Batchelors number 1 through 3

For my sanity (and because no one else has contacted me from Match) I have officially narrowed my field of men down to three top prospects (all the “nice” guys) - High School Guy, Friendster Guy, and Math Teacher Guy - and apparently, they have narrowed their fields down to include me as well. I spent a lovely afternoon today and most of the last two days with High School Guy. Tonight he is working so we can't hang out : ( but I just got a call from Math Teacher Guy asking me to the movies later this week and then an email came from Friendster Guy saying we should do dinner next week. Apparently the holidays haven't slowed anyone down on the dating front. Yowza.

I'm seriously grinning from ear to ear right now because my ego got a huge boost from all the date requests but I'm also conflicted. Even though High School Guy has said he has commitment concerns he sure hasn't been showing them. Of all the guys I’ve dated I'd be most interested in pursuing a relationship with HSG (I know, I know, watch the red flags. But we’ve been so honest and comfortable with each other that I’ve already told him some of the red flags I experience with him. It’s nice to be so honest with him. It allows me to be honest with myself as well.) But because we’ve been getting along so well and spending so much time together I actually felt kind of bad saying yes to a date with Math Teacher Guy. I have told HSG I am following his lead on the commitment thing and therefore going on dates with other people but it still feels weird. Is this what grown-ups do when they are dating? Are these guys seeing other women too? Why do I finally understand what Glamour has been saying in all those articles? Do I want to understand what Glamour has been saying?

I really didn’t think I’d be in this predicament. I guess I’ll just keep being honest with HSG (and the others) and see how he takes it. If he’s unconcerned with the dating I’ll keep doing it. If he is concerned we’ll need to have a chat.

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