Friday, December 16, 2005

Enough about me...

...let's hear from you for awhile. 'Tis the season of giving after all.

So far I've had some pretty good dates, no one has done anything frightening, or untoward, or even had bad table manners. It's been a good run and I hope it will continue (with High School Guy in heavy rotation). I'd like to hear from you about your worst dating experience. Enter something in the comments or send me an email (if you know who I am) and I will post the text anonymously.

I'd have to say my worst date ever was when I went to the senior prom as a junior. My date (now a good friend so he has redeemed himself) pretty much ignored me the whole time, kept saying things like "Isn't so-and-so really pretty?", and half way through the prom I couldn't find him. I finally tracked him down moping on the other side of the dance floor by himself. After the prom we went to one of his friend's houses. He did not tell me we were going to be staying there for the evening so I had nothing to wear besides heels and a poofy satin maroon number. So our hostess gave me some sweats that were about 8 sizes too big and we all had a slumber party. When I woke up my date was no longer there. Yup. He had left. I had no ride home. I had no clothes. The group wanted donuts so I walked with them to Dunkin Donuts in my homeless person oufit with post-prom hair and make-up. I'm pretty sure my date eventually came back and drove me home but man was I pissed.

So, can you beat that? I’m sure you can!

I am currently in a conundrum. How much do I share with the outside world (i.e. you, dear readers) now that I have found someone who might someday need to know I have a blog where I have been sharing potentially intimate details of our budding relationship. Since I’m in like with High School Guy and we not only had lunch yesterday but also hung out at his place later in the evening (without British Musician!) I don’t really want to broadcast any future juicy details (don’t get any ideas, it was all above board and he cooked me dinner. Granted it was at 10:30 at night but I hadn’t eaten so that was nice.) HSG has made it pretty clear that he does not want to be a couple (but does enjoy my company and wants to hang out) so I believe I have made it clear to him that I will follow his lead regarding commitment and in the meantime continue dating. And this, my friends, is what I will tell you about. Conundrum solved.

One little mini juicy detail to tide you over until my next date. At the end of the night HSG and I hugged and there was a moment where it was obvious we could kiss. He didn’t lean in so I did! Hee hee! It was just a quick peck but I was so proud of myself for not letting the moment pass. Normally (what the hell is normal for me nowadays anyway?) I wouldn’t have been so bold. I really feel comfortable with this guy so I went for it.


Anonymous said...

Bad Date #1: Northampton, Mass. Blind(ish) date. We had e-mailed and spoken on the phone for hours. We met at a decent restaurant, and had nothing to talk about. I caught myself staring out the window at a line forming in front of a nightclub across the street, and heard myself saying, aloud, "Sorry. When there's a window to stare out of, I often do." Bright spot in the evening: my meal was excellent. Dimming of the bright spot: Boring date took home my leftovers and I was stuck with her really dull spaghetti and meatballs.

Bad Date #2: Syracuse, N.Y. Turns out this was something of a pity date, again, a blind one. We'd exchanged several e-mails, and she asked me for my name at least three times throughout the course of a couple of weeks. I tried to look past that. She's 10 years older than I, separated, with two kids (one an out-of-control teenager). She's been on disability for two years after one of her SpEd kids cracked her on the head. She has recurrent concussions that bring with them some memory problems -- hence the constant asking for my name. We actually had good conversation for about 45 minutes, and then it became a monologue with me smiling and nodding for a while. This was the same day that I lost my cell phone (only time in 9 years of carrying one), and the place we planned to meet closed early, and I had no way to get in touch with her about that, what with the lost cell phone.

Advice on the blog: You might try to bring up in conversation some other real-life situation involving blogs. This might be a good one. That way, you can kind of gauge HSG's comfort level with this kind of thing. If it turns out that he gets freaked out about the possibility of ever being written about (even anonymously), you might want to spill now rather than on your one-year dating anniversary. If he accidentally came across your blog got suspicious, a reasonably clever human could trace it back to you pretty quickly, based on who's leaving comments and who's linking to you (especially considering he earned his nickname for a reason).

- j

tjdygon said...

I PAID good money for a dating serivce and they set me up with a guy with Down's syndrome. I work with kids with special needs. But not too sure if I want to marry someone with one. HIs mom drove him to the date too.
Another date from the dating service. was with the Unibomber. He clamined he was 28 but looked atleast 40, about 6 weeks overdue for a haricut, ripped jeans and a holey t-shirt for a first date. Not quite how to make a first good impression. Also when he got my info on Fri night, he called, twice Fri night, 3 times on Sat and on Sunday when I had people over and told my roommate I got his messages and would call him back later. He called back twice before I could return his call.
So he turned me off BEFORE meeting him. We did a 5 minute lunch special at Pizzeria UNO and I had a "dentist appt" so I had an excuse to leave.
To find out his parents were paying for the dating serivce. He was still living at home. NEVER moved out becasue he couldn't afford it. I asked what he did and he was a consultant, but kept saying he hadn't worked in over 2 years. Complained about all his other dates. THEN.... didn't have any money to pay for the 10 dollar bill for lunch!!!!
He did ask for a second date though:)I was so flattered!

Another good one. I didn't pay for. My weird roommate brought over an EMT from work becasue he wanted to meet the nurse she lived with. He called and we talked for a while and he seemed like a decent guy and he asked me out. so I said OK. The dinner went well. I didn't expect anything out of, he just wanted pleasnt comversation and a good time. That was it. It was fun, If he asked me out again, i would probably go, UNTIL driving down my street, he shakes my hand and says " it was nice meeting you but I don't think it's going to work." OK, no big deal. You wanted the date. He then says "You are too high maintaince, anal retentive, and stuck up for me." and I said "Is that a compliment or should I be offended?" So we get to my house and I ask if he is going to stop the car and let me get out or if he is just going to slow down while I jump? "NO I will be a gentleman and wlak you to the door" I told him not to bother. As I was geting out of the car. He said----"There's no chance of a good night kiss is there?"
He actually called when he got home and left a message asking if he could make it up to me. Yeah right. and the next day as I was walking to my car he left me flowers on my windsheild.
He called me a few days later apoliziging and wanted to go out again, I told him to give me a few ays to think about it, nbut i needed to go becasue this high maintaince gal had an appt to get her nails done. He told me it was now or never. I told him then it was never and he hung up on me! What a loser! He wanted the freaking date and then he insults me???

Well don't want to make you jealous of all the fun dates I've had.

Sassy Pants said...

Holy crap! You win TJ!

Anonymous said...


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