Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice everyone. What do you give people on the solstice? I have no idea. But here's an article about dating: 5 guy's every girl has got to date.

The summary:
The older man (Mattress Sales guy?)
The starving artist (High School Guy)
The metro sexual (Buff Gym Guy)
The bad boy (First Impression Guy? - I do not find myself attracted to this type of person. In fact, they turn me off. I don't need to go here.)
The nice guy (Math Teacher Guy, Friendster Guy, High School Guy - I'm a definite sucker for nice guys! In fact, my profile says "Nice guys can finish first. Bad boys need not apply."

So as not to appear sexist, here's the same article reversed for my gentlemen readers. I think I may be a combo of the "guy's girl" and "brainiac." Unfortunately I'm also heading into "older woman" territory if I keep going to parties populated with grad students.

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