Thursday, December 15, 2005

I haven't scared him off yet

I'm having lunch with High School Guy today. Yay! My "enthusiastic emailing" (think drunken dialing) has not freaked him out.

I HATE the immediacy of email. There is way too much desperate thinking that happens when you don't get an email immediately back. I really need to learn patience. I waited over 32 hours before I sent the second email that he finally replied to. There are many reasons a person has not emailed back that are much more valid and correct than "He thinks I'm a troglodyte." (Troglodyte is my new favorite word.)

Anyway, I'm out of my mini-funk. I downloaded* onto a college friend of mine who knows both X and I, and he commiserated with me that it wasn't fair X got to be involved with someone before me. At least some of our friends are on "my side." Not that there should be sides but at least someone will pretend to be when we're one-on-one and it's appropriate for the moment.

*Don't you just love all the new words the internet has created? They work so well in other contexts as well.

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