Monday, December 12, 2005

Opening the door

So...I had some errands to do at lunch today which just happened to bring me right across the hall from High School Guy. I really didn't make up an errand just to go see him - my hairdresser is across the hall and I need some product. All right, need is perhaps too strong a word. However, I emailed HSG to see if he'd be there if I stopped by. He was and I did. We had a nice, but unfortunately non-flirty chat. He did say we should get together this weekend though. Then as I was leaving I threw caution to the wind and turned it up a notch. Since he knows all about the dates I've been on I told him I had rejected three of the six people I'd seen recently and didn't have any dates scheduled for the foreseeable future. Then I told him I had three people on the short list. And that he was one of them. He smiled and seemed flattered. I should have said he was my number one but I didn't want to scare him. I need some advice folks. Lay it out on the table and risk freaking him out (it's only "like" though so how scary is that?) or keep it to myself and explode hoping he'll get my hints. This is your time to shine oh my peanut gallery. Let 'er rip!


papaya said...

In the words of New Edition "Cool it Down"--- or was it "Cool it Now"? Either way, I say wait and see how the next date with him goes--actions are better than words and there's plenty of time for something to develop between you.

NinjaMama said...

Woman, calm yourself. Just have fun. It isn't like you're waiting in line at Fileen's Basement and your going to have to fight over a dress that is on sale or something. Take a deep breath, enjoy yourself, and try to direct your focus on something else for a while.

When it is right you will know. You just got out of something serious. You may not mean to be coming across as if you are looking for the next Mr. Sassy Pants but it kinda sounds like it.

Key word = Breezy (Friends episode, histerical!)