Monday, December 19, 2005

Quick update

So, First Impression Guy didn't show at the event. He did email me before hand but I didn't get it because I was on another date so he's not quite in the dog house yet. I will be seeing him at a party tomorrow and I told him he owes me one. I don't know what"one" is but he owes me. I so need a cell phone. Any plan recommendations?

As for the other date, that went well. Still no real sparks with Math Teacher Guy but he's easy to talk to. We had lunch, ran into a couple of his co-workers whom he introduced me to (bonus points for him), and wandered around Hanover. We shopped for his secret santa gifts and went to the bookstore. He just started reading the nerdy book I bought my Dad for Christmas. If sparks eventually fly my Dad will probably like him. That's good. I think the sparks not flying is because he's very much not flirty. (Was there anything grammatically correct about that sentence? No? Didn't think so.) Buff Gym Guy was too flirty and Math Teacher Guy has no flirt (Go figure - sadly, their nicknames sort of say it all). Or at least the flirt isn't obvious to me and there is definitely no physical manifestation. No hand on the back as I walk in a door, or even a casual bump while walking around the aisles. I walked him to his car and I had to say "Aw heck, here's a second date hug." And then we hugged. He wants to go out again and I'm not opposed to that so we'll see. He may grow on me.

I also talked to CA Dream Boy on the phone. He's always been a really good friend and I needed to talk to him about 1) the fact that I will be in CA in February and would like to stop in and see him, and 2) the fact that I was sad about the whole couple thing. CA Dream Boy and I have always had this "Life Crisis Counselor" relationship. I feel comfortable telling him my issues and I think he feels comfortable telling me his. So I called him. And then he had to get off the phone to go watch the President on TV and I was sad again.

But all was redeemed!!! High School Guy called me and we talked for two hours on the phone. It was a late night kids. And we're getting together on Thursday. And he asked me about getting together around the holidays. We may actually meet up back in our home town. That is if I am crazy enough to add that to my holiday traveling extravaganza. I have yet to decide.

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