Monday, December 05, 2005

Shout out to the ladies

Just in case you think I'm boy crazy (Ok, I am. That's abundantly obvious.) I have also been hanging out with my fabulous lady friends almost as much as I've gone on dates. And I've had more fun with them, that's for certain. Saturday evening was dinner, coffee and magazine horoscopes with N & N. We had a grand old time talking about being single and every other topic under the sun. Sunday, in addition to the dullish date, the Friendster sighting in Walmart, and the Mattress salesman I also had dinner with N at her place. We spent time watching Sell This House!, and browsing for people we thought the other might like. We discovered that the really attractive guys who know they are really attractive write very little and assume you will contact them on their looks alone. I'm sure they're right. We took them off our lists. It really is amazing how much you can tell from a profile. So far, each person I have gone on a date with was pretty much the way I expected them to be. No surprises so far. But it's slim pickin's out there, all evidence based on my experience to the contrary. After I go on my retroactive high school "date" tomorrow and date #6 (5.5?) this coming weekend, I have no more prospects. Although everyone I've gone out with so far wants to go out again. I even have tentative plans with Friendster again. : )

Tonight I had drinks with two female friends, both co-workers and masters students with me (This was after I went to the gym where I got a kiss on the cheek from date #2 buff gym guy and where the guy I had been scoping out said hello to me, not the other way around as is usual. He gave me a big smile and asked how I was doing. Maybe I have another prospect after all...) Anyway, this post was supposed to be about the ladies. I AM boy crazy!

All my gal pals have great life experiences and wisdom to spare. They are just...fabulous. Sex and the City we ain't but it's the same concept. A side effect of being single, or prior to that, wanting to be single, is that I've really enjoyed getting to know all of them, some of whom I've known for decades. So, ladies, here's to you! Thanks for being there through my myriad of emotions and trials and tribulations and crazy fast paced life. Cheers!

P.S. Cheesy (but true) wisdom of the day: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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