Wednesday, December 07, 2005

There is no paucity of men (FYI: I like the word paucity)

All I have to say before I go to bed is that if you think there are not that many single eligible men in this area (or any other area for that matter) you are not trying hard enough to meet them or are being too picky. I just met at least five eligible, attractive, intelligent and seemingly nice guys this evening. I don't want to marry or sleep with any of them but I had a great evening of conversation and laughter. You know what else? Even if they aren't appealing to you, maybe their friends are (or they'd be appealing to your friends). And those friends have friends. You never know when a random encounter will lead to your next relationship so get out there! Meet people! Do things! is great but you also have to be willing to let your feet take you where they can. Say yes to every invitation. Hell, invite yourself along. Be bold! Be brazen! Be brave! But be careful.

P.S. The male I interacted with the most has the same name as everyone else I've met and dated and divorced in the last month. Seriously, WTF?


Crudecrock said...
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Anonymous said...

It's all attitude, isn't it? My take on last night was: this town is too friggin' small.