Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wacky (Tacky) Weed

I just got back from a solstice party. The people were almost all new to me so I enjoyed getting to know a new crowd. However, I don't know your particular interests/disinterests in controlled substances but I think that once you hit 25 or so it's really not cool to be getting all excited about weed (I've never done it so I've pretty much always felt this way.) Once you hit 35 you become pretty lame. I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy it now and then for your own recreational use(ok, maybe I am saying that) but to be all giddy like a teenager about doing it is pretty stupid. "Pot? Did someone say pot!" I had to drive a guy I just met tonight home because his friend/ride disappeared in a puff of smoke. Luckily this guy was very nice and also sober. He had an interesting take on the situation because he's from the Netherlands where it's controlled like cigarettes. He thought it was kind of like binge drinking - get it over while you're young and then grow up.

First Impression Guy was one of the people who got excited and went upstairs to smoke. He was the "friend" who left the guy I drove home in the lurch. I'm thinking my third impression of this guy might be more like my first one - not so good.

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Dr.Nik said...

well.. i won't get on a tirade, but i agree with netherlands guy. if it was legal here, you'd see less teenage giddy "Breakin' the Law" type behaviour. Unfortunately our country says that responsible adult consensual behaviours (of MANY types) are illegal, immoral, and just flat out wrong. *Flips middle finger at 'The Man'*