Sunday, December 11, 2005

What's a girl to do?

I just had a very nice lunch with Math Teacher Guy. I was right about his profile giving me the best vibes of the 4 guys I've now met from He was really personable and I was very comfortable talking to him. The conversation was easy. There was never a pause. There weren't a lot of sparks but he's definitely someone I'd see again, even if it's just as friends. And we had some odd things in common: He almost went to the very small college I went to (it was in his top 3 and it's amazing when anyone has even heard of it), he doesn't like nuts, he didn't drink until he was 21, and we agreed on a heck of a lot of things. I'm not smitten and I'm sitting here hoping High School Guy will call me tonight but Math Teacher Guy is now in second place. Friendster has fallen to number 3. We went to a hockey game yesterday and had a good time but he is, as he admitted, a quiet guy. I don't think I need quiet right now.

I might hide my Match profile for awhile. I've got 2 guys I'm not opposed to hanging out with, and one whom I'm definitely interested in getting to know - on many levels. The many levels thing surprises me. And makes me happy. There is life after divorce.

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