Thursday, January 05, 2006

61 - 80

I thought this was going to be hard but I've been keeping a list near my computer and I keep coming up with things.

61) I empathize too much with people. I take on their emotions and attitudes. I have a hard time watching shows/movies where someone gets embarassed because I feel it too.

62) My favorite holiday is Halloween.

63) I like to be the center of attention but only if I brought the attention on myself.

64) The me I was 2 or 3 years ago would not recognize the me I am today.

65) I've posed nude for an art class and I would do it again.

66) I love show tunes.

67) Rainbows make me smile but melancholy at the same time.

68) I've never gone to the dry cleaners even though I have clothes that are dry clean only.

69) I've finally learned how to take a compliment.

70) I think my greatest skill is my ability to understand where people are coming from and then translate that to other people so they can understand each other.

71) I love finding out something totally unexpected about someone.

72) I like to have unexpected things about myself that other people can discover.

73) I like cars with lots of fun bumper stickers on them.

74) I don't really know my parents.

75) I get depressed if I don't have something social scheduled almost every day.

76) I can keep houseplants alive. I have one my mother received when I was born.

77) In the past I have let other people determine my self-worth.

78) I am a visual learner. I draw pictures to illustrate word problems so I can understand them better.

79) I've thought about being a stripper.

80) I've always been the girl next door/kid sister type. Only recently have I felt that I might be thought of as sexy.


Anonymous said...


i'm loving this list. i'm going to do this for me -- maybe even tonight. don't know if i'll post it on my blog, but there's a good chance i'll make it my new personal ad (or, more accurately, i'll use part of it as a tease). but i'll credit you, and if you want, i'll send you my list because it was, after all, your idea.
- js

Sassy Pants said...

I'd love to see your list. and everyone else's. Or even just a choice few entries.

Anonymous said...

here's my list. i was able to churn out 60 on thursday in one sitting, but i found it slow-going picking out the other 40.
- js

1. I’m shorter than you think I am, but taller than I think I am.

2. My fear of heights kicks in when my feet are about six feet off the floor or ground.

3. I am such a giver that I sometimes hate myself for neglecting me. The thing about it is, I rarely do anything to change that.

4. Every bit of the 1980s that I remember happened in the 1990s except for three things: (1) My sister was born; (2) We had to sing “We are the World” in chorus, and (3) That ball went through Billy Buckner’s legs in the 1986 World Series.

5. I believe that a sincere, spoken “thank you” can make even the hardest things seem easy.

6. The telephone is my least favorite communication device ever invented. It’s easy to make your voice sound the way you want it to in order to convince the other party of how you’re feeling that I’d rather not take the chance of getting fooled.

7. That said, I like when people call me on my birthday. Somehow an e-mail or a card is never enough – unless you show up in person.

8. I get severely depressed if I’m without sun for a long period of time.

9. I’m really good at math in general – and obnoxiously good at arithmetic in particular – but I find it boring.

10. Every time I find a grammatical error in a published work, I want to correct it and ask the publisher for a job, but I’d probably do someone physical harm if that’s all I did for work all day.

11. I get major crushes on some women’s voices.

12. If I was gay? David Carradine, for sure.

13. I get upset when people blindly follow a political party, even if we’re voting for the same candidate. Politically, the only things that makes me more upset are people who don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them but vote anyway, and people who don’t vote at all, even though they are allowed to.

14. My left foot is measurably larger than my right, and is the one I step off with.

15. I’m allergic to cats, but I’ve lived with them just about my entire life – and have enjoyed, well, most moments with them. [This is partially taken from Sassy Pants’ #30.]

16. I think blind loyalty is stupid, but I feel exactly the opposite about unconditional love.

17. My parents call me “Mr. Excitement” because they can never tell how I feel about anything. I’m not convinced this is a bad thing.

18. I’m a sucker for a great smile.

19. I enjoy cheese.

20. I know a bit about wine, and I don’t think I’m a snob because of it.

21. I’m a die-hard baseball fan. I just kind of exist between early November and early April.

22. It doesn’t feel like New Year’s if I can’t ring it in with people I care about.

23. I rang in 1997 wading in the Mediterranean.

24. I have driven from Atlanta to Phoenix twice and western Massachusetts to Hollywood once. I’ve always wanted the road to be more romantic than I’ve found it.

25. I prefer sunrises to sunsets.

26. The two most brilliant sunrises I’ve ever seen were (1) over the Grand Canyon and (2) laying on my back in the Dead Sea.

27. I’ve only re-read three books in my adult life: Animal Farm, Brave New World, and The Trial.

28. I’m a damn good friend.

29. I enjoy cooking, but feel constrained by recipes.

30. I have nice eyes, even though I’m missing some of the eyelashes on my left eye.

31. I multi-task very well.

32. The more focused I look, the less attention I’m likely paying.

33. My favorite color is the green of pine trees.

34. The sure way to make sure I never buy anything from you is to try to cold sell me. I’ve even reshelved things I intended to buy when someone tries to sell me something I didn’t come looking for. That said, I don’t mind when someone tries to up-sell me.

35. I have a hard time saying no to a game of tennis.

36. The part of my body I like least is my chin.

37. I pick up accents really quickly, and sometimes it sounds like I’m mocking the speaker, even though it’s entirely accidental.

38. When I was in second grade I had an operation on my eyes. Recovery for that required me to wear patches on my eyes for several days, during which time I stayed at my grandparents’ house because it was all one floor.

39. I frequently memorize the layout of rooms and buildings and forget to turn on lights because I know where I’m going. I believe that’s because of the operation I had in second grade (see #38).

40. Somewhere, there is a Polaroid of me with IVs in each arm and a moronic grin on my face. I was giving platelets and had been watching CNN for 45 minutes.

41. When I found out my friend Amy had died in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, I reacted by picking up my guitar and singing the songs we used to sing together, beginning with “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin.

42. I pick up languages very well.

43. I memorize things like strings of numbers and lists of things for no reason.

44. I can recite the alphabet backwards. I have been able to do so since I was about four.

45. I’d rather see a crappy band in a small room with five people than a fantastic one in an auditorium with 15,000. I’d be happiest, though, seeing a fantastic band in a small room with only a few people.

46. I don’t count seeing a movie as spending quality time with someone. You sit in a dark room for two-plus hours not looking at each other or talking to each other.

47. I can’t think of anything in the world dumber than hating someone for what they look like, what they have faith in, their sexual preference or their gender identity.

48. I think Tom Lehrer is hysterical.

49. I think Adam Sandler is irritating.

50. My favorite book ever is Edson by Bill Morrissey.

51. I really enjoyed interviewing David Clayton-Thomas.

52. The only person I’ve ever been remotely flustered on the phone with was Bruce Campbell – and that’s counting my adolescence.

53. I enjoy sitting alone and reading in bars that have friendly atmospheres much more than I do in stale, trying-to-be-trendy coffee shops.

54. I can honestly say I have never bought anything at Wal-Mart.

55. I think people who eat pizza with a fork are lying to themselves about something.

56. My desert island movie is The Big Lebowski.

57. I have an unspoken (until now) admiration for anyone with the gumption to open his or her own business, primarily because I don’t have that kind of risk-tolerance.

58. If I didn’t set deadlines for my writing, I would never finish anything.

59. I will always prefer my film camera to digital cameras because I like waiting to see how the photos came out.

60. I am most productive early in the morning.

61. I am punctual to a fault. I’d rather be 45 minutes early than five minutes late.

62. I have set foot in 27 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

63. I believe that racism, sexism, agism and all other forms of hatred are connected, and that to fight one of them, you have to fight them all.

64. I believe no one ever wins a war.

65. My main instrument is guitar, and I also play piano, clarinet and percussion. Guitar is the only one of these in which I have not had a lesson.

66. I am a news junkie.

67. I remember details.

68. I can’t help getting nervous during a close ending to a sporting event, whatever the sport and whichever the teams.

69. I do not understand fan-dom.

70. I’m a beer snob.

71. I just can’t train myself to play first-person video games.

72. The longest word I can say and spell – and I’ve been able to do this since I was in about fifth grade – is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosises.

73. I’m a cynic, but I trust people.

74. I believe in ghosts.

75. I’ve never understood why people run on a machine and don’t go anywhere, but I’ve been doing it lately anyway.

76. I don’t begrudge anyone their faith – until they start imposing it on me.

77. I don’t like that much of life is a performance, but I play along anyway.

78. I generally don’t share unless asked.

79. I like when someone else does the driving.

80. I enjoy Mark Twain’s stories, but not his storytelling.

81. It’s important to me to be able to say people’s names correctly, even if they go by an Americanized nickname.

82. I don’t understand why some people schedule their lives around television shows.

83. I’ve learned the rules of Go, but not any strategies for playing the game.

84. I am an information voyeur.

85. Internet shorthand (e.g., “ur” and “rotflmao”) is a turnoff for me.

86. I can dislocate my right shoulder and pop it right back into its socket.

87. I have trouble sticking with one pattern of facial hair for more than a month or so.

88. I have trouble thinking more than two moves ahead in chess.

89. I don’t wear my glasses as often as I should.

90. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

91. I like commuting by bicycle when I can.

92. I think humans have an amazing capacity to organize an immense amount of information in their brains – but I wish more people would use that capacity.

93. I think a little physical discomfort is good for people.

94. It scares me that people have such a capacity to induce emotional pain on others.

95. I like learning things, even if they are not things I’m typically interested in.

96. I look up a lot, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m five-foot-three.

97. I prefer to be barefoot.

98. I think sarcasm is a perfectly reasonable form of humor, and I pity people who aren’t wired to get it.

99. I don’t get as much use out of my bathrobe as I thought I would,

100. I have trouble reading maps that aren’t north-oriented.

Sassy Pants said...

That's an awesome list! It's just as fun to read another person's as it is to write your own. I think it's a very worthwhile exercise. I want to steal pieces of yours but I'll try only to be inspired. I have my last twenty and maybe more in draft form to be posted tomorrow.

I wholeheartedly agree/identify with #61 and 76, and several others. I believe #72 means you were in Ms. Hosmer's class.

Anonymous said...

indeed, i was in ms. hosmer's class. i'm pretty sure i learned it from marilyn vos savant, thought, writing in parade. she's also the source of my knowledge that the word sporange, which is a type of sea sponge, rhymes with orange.