Sunday, January 08, 2006


81) I don't like beer or wine or hard alcohol unless it is in the form of a frozen fruity beverage and even then I'm pretty picky. I never drank in college and the first and only time I got drunk was when I was 28 and I did it for a project for my Masters.

82) A correlary to #81 is that I always want to be in control of the situation. Or at least my role in it. I don't necessarily want to be the boss (unless things are getting all FUBAR), but I have a "high need to know" (I'm stealing the phrase from my friend N) for what is going on or about to happen.

83) I dislike cooking but I definitely like eating. If I wouldn't end up poor and fat I'd eat out at every meal.

84) A guy who cooks because he likes to and not because he is trying to impress me is incredibly sexy. Same goes with washing dishes and other household chores. Just noticing it needs to be done and doing it without my input or even knowledge is awesome. As opposed to doing it and then announcing it like you did some great thing and need to be praised.

85) I feel guilty that I have so much stuff and others have so little, but not because other people may be suffering (in fact I'd argue they aren't suffering at all). I feel guilty that I can't seem to get by with less. I feel like I should live a spartan lifestyle but then I go buy another container to store all my stuff in.

86) I can read music but the notes on the page do not correspond to their names, i.e. I do not know that that dot is an "A" and that dot is a "G". I know that that dot is this fingering on the clarinet. This deficiency got me in trouble when I was in high school and the band director would use me to tune the rest of the band. Once he said "play a high D" and I hit the wrong keys and he wigged out in front of everyone yelling "You're first chair, first clarinet! You should know this!" I never played clarinet again after high school. I think I'm ready to pick it back up.

87) I dislike jumping on the pop culture bandwagon. I like discovering things after all the furvor has died down. I avoided Harry Potter and The DaVinci Code simply because everyone else thought they were so great. Now of course I agree but it isn't because everyone else said so.

88) If my desk is a mess so is my concentration and ability to get anything done.

89) I'm uncomfortable apologizing so I avoid doing things that I'd have to apologize for.

90) My sister is the person who could hurt me the most.

91) I often fantasize about who would visit me in the hospital if I was in an accident.

92) I can't remember people's birthdays to save my life which is why I remind people about mine.

93) I take criticism - even indirect criticism about something I only had a small hand in - very personally.

94) When I get angry or really upset about something I care deeply about and I want to express it rationally I can't because I start crying. 94b) I hate crying when I get angry.

95) I enjoy going to the movies by myself (because I have too much empathy (#61) and start to wonder what the person with me in the theater is feeling instead of concentrating on the movie. This may stem from a time I was blamed for a movie being so boring that my date fell asleep - you know who you are.)

96) I do not like going fast unless I'm doing the driving.

97) I've learned more about myself in the last year than in the other 28.

98) I would have an abortion. Although my inclination to do so lessens as I get older.

99) I wish I could speak another language fluently.

100) I feel like this 100th "thing about me" should be grand and culminating but all I can think is that I want to be a Disney Princess. Preferably Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she's a bookworm and doesn't judge people by the way they look or act. She sees the good in people even if it's buried.

Maybe that is grand and culminating.


Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing your list. i like that you would do this.

raindrop said...

Loved your list and could relate to a lot of what you shared; however, BITTEN BY A COUGAR, WHAT??? I hope that that story is forthcoming; I shall keep reading!