Monday, January 23, 2006

Cracking the code

I got myself a decoder ring.

After my email, Friendster Guy really took the time to let me know at least some of what he was feeling in our situation and he's growing on me again. Slowly and persistently, like a fungus, but growing none-the-less. I think part of the missing chemistry had to do with our very early decision after our first date to just be friends. He took it to heart. I had loosened up on that restriction but hadn't let him know. So, when we were out he wasn't being all that flirty. And I am receptive to flirting. Since we hadn't done any flirting foreplay I didn't think there was chemistry. We need some more time to go out when both of us are thinking we're dating and see how it goes. I bet it goes well. If not...

On my date last night with Picture Taker Guy I got the distinct feeling that he was sitting there wondering how he had gotten to go out with such an attractive and confident woman. That woman being ME. That, my dear readers, is an awesome feeling.

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