Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Geography Lessons

If nothing else, that little map in the side bar is going to teach me some geography. I've been spotted in the Philipines on the shores of the South China Sea. Mabuhay and Salamat! (Hello and Thank you). What's interesting to me is that where my little blog is being read is not necessarily where I have friends (who are the only people I actually shared this with). Hello out there in middle America!

Holy moly or should I say Aye Carumba! I just refreshed my browser y hay personas en Mexico quien estan leyendo. Bienvenido Mexico! (Lo siento, hace muchos anos desde yo hablo (hablaba?) o escrito espanol.) My tenses are muy malo! So much for my minor.

The world is a very small place. I love it. I'm about to bust into a refrain of "I'd like to buy the world a coke." but I will try to control myself.

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