Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's Ok to blab about your personal life to anyone who will listen

I like meeting people. I've been making it a habit to try to introduce myself to the regulars at my gym. This is made easier when I am wearing the official gym shirt for my class. Because this area is so small I always see the gym people out and about and it's nice to have a reason to smile and say hi.

So anyway, there is this old guy at the gym that I'm always happy to see and say hello to. He's a nice man. Very personable. Somewhat of a local celebrity because he has a local show on PBS. I enjoy our brief little talks while I mill around waiting for the class I teach to start. I must have shared some details of my personal life with him in the past because yesterday we're conversing and he asked me if I knew this guy so-and-so. I said no figuring he must have a connection to where I work. But no. He commences to explain that so-and so is that guy over there who had dated his daughter but it didn't work out. "He's a nice guy though." he said, not quite nonchalantly. I looked at the old guy in surprise and said, "Are you trying to hook me up?" He said, "No, set you up." I laughed and replied, "Well thanks! A girl can use all the help she can get." He didn't introduce us but I did keep checking the ex-boyfriend out while I was on the treadmill. The old guy's daughter doesn't have bad taste.

How nice is that that the old guy thinks enough of me to want to help me out? It's flattering. Or he's noticed how much I check out the guys at the gym. I swear there were not that many young potentilaly single guys there when I was married.

Moral of the story: Tell nice old guys you are single. They may try to set you up. Or at least introduce you to someone.

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