Monday, January 09, 2006

Mild validation

It's good to know I'm not dating for the wrong reasons.

Note: I started a draft of the 81-100 things about me yesterday and just posted it but because I started it previously it is showing up below this one and another post so if you are a steady reader, please scroll down a few posts to see the last of the "Things about me." If you care to.

P.S. Spent an hour on the phone with You're Beautiful Guy. (Yup, he's earned a nickname) I don't know who was more surprised that I called, him or I (me or him?). It's odd to have the "older woman" idea in my mind. It sort of dictated how I reacted to him. In a way I felt more powerful but at the same time I'm not sure if I was quite myself. Did I have the upperhand or was I more self-conscious of my "maturity"? Either way, we're getting together sometime this week before I head off to Vegas for a batchelorette party. Vegas baby! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless of course you get an STD and that's just a gift that keeps on giving. I'm not really a big fan of Vegas since I don't gamble, drink, smoke or enjoy dwelling underground with no knowledge of what time it is, but I'm sure my friends and I will have a great time nonetheless. And there will be male strippers. Like I need more men...

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