Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing had to "stay in Vegas." Darn it!

First, I did nothing in Vegas that needed to "stay in Vegas" but I came very, very close. Closer than I ever have before. Short version: if there had been a room available without other people in it I would have a much more interesting story to share here. Not that I would have shared the details. And not that the story leading up to looking for a room isn't interesting.

Needless to say, I had a great time in Vegas. The batchelorette party did not deter me from being boy crazy and wishing that the batchelors (who were also in Vegas) got to spend more time with us. Friday night I met a group of them for about 5 minutes while I was finishing dinner with the bride to be. Since she'd already snagged herself a man she was not in cruising mode and dragged me away just when things were getting interesting, i.e. when there were attractive, intelligent men with good jobs standing in front of me in VEGAS. Anyway, in that brief exchange there was one who caught my eye and seemed like a really nice guy to boot. He had a great smile and stood out because he tried to make me laugh. It worked.

I didn't see them again until Sunday night when the people who hadn't already left for home all got together for dinner. I plopped myself right down across the table from the two potentially single guys (i.e. without female accompaniment), one of whom was "my" guy. The three of us proceded to have a great conversation that wasn't even all that flirty - just intelligent, interesting and friendly. At one point the subject of girlfriends came up and they both had them. But since the conversation wasn't flirty, I was OK with that. After 3 days in Vegas I was a little tired anyway.

The plan for the evening was for the group to go to a club. The batchelorettes had gone clubbing the night before at Studio 54 and had a great time. That night the bride-to-be and I were the last to leave and didn't get in until 4am. Up until even a year ago my comfort level with, how should I put this?, dirty dancing was very low. I felt really, really uncomfortable with it. I felt the dirty in dirty dancing. Apparently that is no longer the case. I have never been that close to that many men ever. I even started laughing when this one guy did a simultaneous ass grab and face plant in my chest (for what it's worth). I had to admire his coordination. It also helped that I was sober and felt I had the upper hand. Or at least more balance. I did have to pull my face away from another guy quickly because he was moving in for a kiss. And not a subtle one.

Anyway, Sunday night the lingering batchelors (4) and batchelorettes (3) went to Rum Jungle. I asked "my" guy to be my protection from the scary club guys on the dance floor. He said, "Sure, I can do that. Do you want me to be your brother, boyfriend, husband?" I said, "Whatever you feel comfortable with." and he proceeded to put his arm around me. Hee hee. What girlfriend? (Yes, I know that is bad. Let's say I feel guilty that he has a girlfriend. I'd be lieing but let's just say that for the rest of the story I was thinking about her and her feelings.)

So, the bride-to-be, her married friend, and me - the token single girl, started dancing. Eventually, the groom-to-be and "my" guy came out. It was all above board. We danced in a circle but then the bride and groom started their own little dance, the married woman left, and "my" guy and I were left to our own devices. We were dancing at least a foot away from each other. Eventually, to avoid the predators on the dance floor I had to get closer but we always parted. And we kept conversing. Damn it if he isn't the nicest guy. We got tired and sat down with the rest of the group. They were drinking and a cigar got passed around. I said no to both. "My" guy leaned in to me (we were sitting next to each other, bumping legs) and asked in my ear, "Are you against all vices?" I replied similarly, "No, just the ones that involve controlled substances." It was an oddly safe yet seductive exchange. We continued on in this weird conversation that was full of inuendo but was delivered in a straight forward way. The group of us closed the club (We closed a club in Vegas! We didn't realize they ever closed until they turned up the lights.) and wandered into the casino. "My" Guy wasn't gambling so we kept talking, now with the bride-to-be at our side (Note: I now know the value of a good wingwoman. This particular mildly intoxicated bride-to-be did not have single people hooking up on her mind so was unaware of our subtle ploy to do just that. And wasn't particularly helpful. Probably a good thing in the long run but...)

As the night/morning wore on the bride and groom began trying to figure out if there was a room available for them to spend some time in. We were all sharing rooms and some people had already gone back to theirs so there were none empty. "My" guy got very interested in trying to figure out if there were any available as well. I can't say I wasn't interested in the outcome myself. The five remaining people climbed into a cab. The groom (who was probably more attuned to the hooking up vibe than the bride) pushed me and "my" guy into the front seat where we had to smoosh together with his arm around me. I did not mind at all when his hand wandered to my posterior. (Why am I telling you all this? Hell, I don't know.)

When we got back to our hotel we were still trying to figure out if there was a room available for the bride and groom. Since some drinking had been occurring and it was 4 in the morning, there was a brief moment where "my" guy exclaimed there were two rooms available! I had to laugh because I knew there weren't but his exclamation made it clear what he had in mind. And I wasn't opposed. (Who is this woman?!) Unfortunately, his roommate wasn't a good wingman either and stuck by us like glue even when it was clear we couldn't do anything and the bride and groom left to get something to eat. So, after all that all I got was a big hug goodnight in front of the roomate. I don't know how far I would have actually gone but it would have been nice to at least do some kissing. C'est la vie.

I did do a little self-analysis after coming to the realization that I'd come one empty room away from probably sleeping with someone I just met. I ran through a little check list. Self-esteem? Check. This was not a "thank god someone is attracted to me" moment. Was it about Vegas? Nope. It was about this guy. He was super nice, intelligent, attentive in a very non-smarmy way, we got along, and there was definitely a spark right away. Damn him for living in Arizona and having a girlfriend (although she lives in a foreign country most of the year.) There was nothing but logistics stopping me from hooking up with pretty much a stranger. And you know what the only conclusion I came to after that was? Go me!

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