Monday, January 02, 2006

Resolutions - briefly

Some people don't believe in resolutions, mostly because they don't need one more thing looming over their head, and/or they don't want to deal with their disappointment in themselves when they don't actually do what they've resolved to do. I, being a glass half full kind of girl, think it is always a good idea to have a goal or two to start off the new year, or really at any time of the year. So, here is my ever growing list of resolutions.

1) Pay off my car. This will take the entire year but I'd like to have it mostly paid off by the time I have to start paying my student loans again. Of course that means I have to finish my thesis because I don't start paying back my loans until that's done. I don't know what I want more, to graduate in '06 or to put off my student loans some more. Putting of the loans is very attractive but how cool will that feel when I have no loans of any kind? I like that idea.

2) Stop obsessing about what boys are thinking by thinking more like the boys I'm obsessing about. Guys aren't freaking out that they called one too many times or they have a blemish. I'm making assumptions of course. I have no idea what they are thinking and that's part of the problem. So maybe my resolution is to turn off the tape in my brain and enjoy the moment. Right now that means I should get off the computer and go to the grocery store so I can get on with resolution number 4.

3) Write a list of 100 Things about me. This is on my list of things to do at 43Things. I think it will be worthwhile. I'll probably do it in installments here.

4) Eat vegetables. Popcorn does not count. Chocolate may have once been a plant but it no longer can be considered vegetable matter.

5) Save $5000. I'd like to have the $5000 be just in my savings account but so I don't disappoint myself I'm counting my 403B contributions as well. I'm doing this all with automatic withdrawals. It will be done without me doing anything at all. So it's probably the one resolution I will keep.

6) Finish my thesis. Whether that means in time to graduate in '06 or just finishing it this calendar year. I'm thinking I may be inspired to do it for '06. I'm not a natural procrastinator so the fact that I've put it off this long is odd.

What are your resolutions?

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Dr.Nik said...

I'm not a big fan of sharing my goals publically. Most people aren't serious about goal setting and resolutions are the "Fast Food" of goal setting.

Not so coincidentally, you were one of the few people I thought that sharing goals with would be a gOOd idea. Because you would be serious about achieving yours and helping others get to theirs.

Digit. Ana & I built 5 for "US" and 3 each. My three were:

Get published or sell the rights to the kick ass gaming system I am editing, Get 3 Personal Training Clients on a weekly basis, and only drink my own home brew. No store or bar bought alcohol.