Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Shameless but blameless

My X, his new lady friend, Buff Gym Guy, and I were all in the gym together. No, this is not the start of a joke, or a dream. I did have a dream last night that I became a stripper. A family of strippers took me under their wing. I believe the mother was Peg Bundy and the father was an Antonio Banderas look alike. I never actually stripped in the dream but I got to see some interesting stuff. But I digress...

The four of us were all in the gym together. Because HSG hadn't called me for 4 days and we were supposed to do something together that day and we didn't and the tape of self doubt had started playing I was flirting with Buff Gym Guy (BGG). He's the kind of guy you can outrageously flirt with and he won't care that nothing comes of it. It's sort of his MO. Plus, because I see him at the gym a lot we've sort of become friends. Anyway, after I say hey to X and X's Lady Friend I go up to BGG and say, "Is it horribly cheesy to want my X to see us talking together?" Instantly he turned the flirt up. Unfortunately we were hidden by weight machines. But, as we both did our workouts we got closer and closer to the spot where X was. Since I had to stop and teach a class I went up to BGG to say goodbye and also harass him to take my class. Now we were right in front of X and BGG knew it. So BGG gave me a big hug (almost too big. I had to warn him not to kiss me because he seemed very willing to keep the charade going forward)and then he said loudly, "So, I'll see you later tonight right?" It was so childish on both our parts but it was also very fun. I wasn't trying to torture X with a really hot guy (ok maybe on some level I was) but I really wanted him to see that I too could find someone else. And they could be hot. And I could be wanted and thought of as hot too. So it was childish. Sometimes grown-ups get to be that way. Sue me. I don't think X even noticed. Hence the reason we are no longer married. It helps the relationship when your spouse notices you exist.

In other news, we closed on the sale of our condo. Unfortunately all the money I made in the deal is already spoken for but I will get to pay off my credit card debt. That's a bonus.

Also, I just got home from a date with Friendster Guy. He really is a sweetheart. A foot taller than me but very cute and less quiet than he was on our first date. We had Indian Food and then we went to a bookstore and wandered around while drinking coffee. It was very relaxed and we'd both like to get together again. We had a nice conversation about our experiences with and the people we are also currently dating. It makes me feel less sleazy and underhanded to know he knows I'm seeing other people. And it's good to know he is as well. Takes the pressure off of me a little.

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Dr.Nik said...

*LOLOL* THat's cute. Sorry I missed the show. I spend most all time down in the REAL gymnasium area. I saw you on the row machines, but I was late for special time with wife :)