Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vegas Baby!

I'm going to be away from posting until Tuesday 1/17 so I hope you can find other things to amuse yourself with until then.

While I'm gone, if you are reading this blog I'd be interested in having a little role call just to see who is out there in cyberspace. Especially if I don't know you. Drop in a comment and say howdy! Anonymity is perfectly acceptable.

In dating news: High School Guy and I have decided that it is better for both of us if we are just friends. I was reverting to high school and becoming paranoid and he was feeling trapped. We'll both enjoy ourselves much more if neither of us is in pursuit of a relationship. Now I can focus on relating to others. I think HSG is going to make a fine friend. Hopefully I can maintain the balance needed to not get all romantic about him again. We'll see. It's early enough in our friendship/relationship that I'm not horribly attached. The heart does stupid things though sometimes. No matter what your brain is saying.

P.S. Had lunch with You're Beautiful Guy. We had a good intelligent conversation, and he's not too hard to look at, but he's definitely young. Or at least inexperienced. I find it odd that I want what I'm about to say I want considering how independent I claim to be but I kind of want a guy who will take charge or at least make solid decisions, not obnoxiously in control but when you go into a restaurant will open the door for you and tell the hostess there are two of you. Maybe even order if you're sharing food - like a pizza. Friendster Guy and Math Teacher Guy had just the right amount of that. Confidence without bravado. I had none of that in my marriage. We'd be at McDonald's and my X would tell me his order in front of the cashier and I'd have to repeat it to the cashier even though she probably already heard it. WTF?

Also, when did I become old enough to recognize when someone is young?


Anonymous said...

Also, when did I become old enough to recognize when someone is young?

dude- as someone turning 31 today I am astounded at how young everyone seems-are people maturing more slowly? or am I aging prematurely?

Anonymous said...

We're all headed swiftly over the hill--the young ones and the old.

win big in vegas. :)

NinjaMama said...

My oldest son just got his license this year and my 11 year old is working on a girlfriend!! Talk about feeling old!