Friday, February 03, 2006

Here are your options...

1) We'll let you pee but we're going to rape you or
2) you can die of dehydration so you don't have to go to the bathroom in the dark.

Sorry to go on a feminist man bashing spree but are you fucking kidding me? If this it truly happening (which I unfortunately do not doubt it is) there is something terribly, terribly wrong with the male psyche. At least in group-think macho situations. (Note to my male readers, at least the ones I know, nothing personal. I know I'm preaching to the choir. And if I'm not you better start singing.)

In honor of Valentines Day and all the love and romance floating about the world making us forget about the violence and pain inflicted for the same end, I think it may be just about time to bring out my own personal story of sexual assault. It has happened to more people you personally know than you'd ever want to think about. I will post the story I wrote about it sometime in the near future. Maybe today. It's long so I may have to trim it.

In the meantime may I just say what the fuck again!? A woman should be able to walk around completely naked and never be touched without giving her explicit permission. There is nothing that gives a man permission to touch her. Nothing but his own ego and sense of privilege and assumptions about what a woman wants or needs. The shitty part is that most often a woman feels that she wants and needs a man and that she has to dress a certain way to get that and then the guy sees her dressed in that way and assumes he knows what she wants. Guys, she wants love and affection, not a grope and a come on. I've been guilty of these thoughts myself. However, even when I was not dressed provocatively I've been harassed.

This one time, on my first day of work at JCPenney's, I was forced to stand by a display of watches so that they didn't walk out the door. I was 16. I was right near the eye glass section where there were some stools. These two guys in their late 20s, early 30s with stringy hair and wearing flannel were standing in the eye glass area near me. One turned to me and said "Would you like to sit?" Being my first day I assumed that wasn't allowed so I said "No, thank you." and smiled. "Are you sure? You look like you could use a seat." I thought this was very thoughtful of him but again I had to decline. He then turned to me a third time, clasped his fingers together so they were intertwined and sticking up (think "open the church and see all the people") and said, "That's too bad because you could sit here." He wiggled his fingers and laughed with his buddy.

Nice. Did I mention I was 16 at the time? May they never have daughters. No wait, may they have many and may they cause them heartache and pain. Fuckwads.

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js said...

yeah, i have no doubt this kind of thing is going on. and things aren't really all that much better on the civilian side of things.

up here in the cuse, there was recently someone sentenced to 1 1/3 to 4 years in jail for raping a 15 year old girl in a hospital bed.

apparently, the judge didn't think that a long-term stay in a hospital with drugs being administered to the patient was enough to impair her judgement, and decided the sex was consensual (the crime was upheld because the perpetrator was over 18 and the victim was young).

and kansas is going in the opposite direction -- the attorney general there wants doctors to report possible sexual abuse if minors report any sexual activity -- think thousands of reports of "sally and johnny were frenching under the stairs."