Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't be a dumb ass

Someone found this site by Googling "How to get in a girl's pants" so I thought I'd give them a few pointers.

1) Be a human being.
2) Acknowledge that she is a human being
3) Treat her the way you'd want some guy to treat your mom/sister/daughter
4) Stop wanting to get in her pants and start wanting to find out what's in her head.

It's pretty simple.

P.S. Mom - if you happen to have found this site you better tell me.

P.P.S. On the Discardia front, I now have a pile by my door of things I need to bring to a thrift store. It includes a humungous winter coat I can't believe I used to wear, a VCR, a bunch of books (to go to the 5 colleges book sale - donations now accepted at the Lebanon Coop for you Upper Valley locals), VHS tapes, and some random stuff. I threw out an old pair of sneakers. Today I have not yet determined what possession to remove from my life. It may be an article of clothing. Or I may look into selling some Lord of the Rings paraphenalia on EBay. Just because someday it might be worth something doesn't mean it needs to take up my karmic space now. The hardest thing about getting rid of your possessions is figuring out the best place for them to go and then actually bringing them there.

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