Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't drink the water

There have been a rash of pregnancies in my office of late. This is probably not surprising given that I work with over 100 women. Another co-worker just dropped in and announced the good news. That makes two currently pregnant and two that just had babies last month.

I don't know how to react to pregnancy. It's a bandwagon I can't seem to jump on. I offer my sincere congratulations but at the same time I'm sitting there thinking "What's wrong with you? What could possibly possess you to subject yourself to all that comes with childbearing and rearing?"

I have plenty of care giving instincts but I just can't muster being maternal. I like kids well enough. I think they are interesting and amusing in small doses. And kids love me. I'm like a magnet for rugrats. But it's the same thing as when a person with cat allergies is a magnet for cats, even the ones that never come out from under the bed. They sense that you don't want them around and come anyway.

I also can only goo goo and ga ga over pictures of new babies so much. I happen to be near a wall of baby pictures because one of the high level execs had a baby last month and her admin asst is like a doting aunt posting pictures with wild abandon. People stop by all day and I can hear them oohing and aahing and talking abotu babies and whether the baby looks like the mom or the dad.

I think I've just decided to look into whether my insurance covers Essure.

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