Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Excess(ive) baggage

You know what's funny? Now that I'm trying to get rid of one item every day I'm finding a ton of stuff to get rid of. I'm going to have surplus items that I can use as rain checks on days when I can't find something to get rid of. I might get the entire year done this month. Three hundred and sixty five things. That's a lot of junk, aka really great items that may be happier living at someone else's place. I've been taking pictures of the items. I'll probably start a Flickr account and post them so you can see the oodles of crap I was hoarding.

What sort of crap are you holding on to? And don't tell me everything you own is utilized and useful. You probably have more than you want to admit. I do.

The next time you're in a book store check out this book called Material World. It's pictures of people from around the world sitting outside of their home with all their possessions surrounding them. It's fascinating how one family can live with a cooking fire and a pot while another has rooms and rooms full of things that probably mean nothing to them and are never used, or worse, never had a use at all. Speaking of useless items, I'm going to email my Mom right now and remind her that I'd prefer not to get any niknaks from Christmas Tree shops for Easter this year. I don't even celebrate the holiday so I certainly don't need another ceramic or resin bunny rabbit. For the record, the one I already have is on the chopping block to be donated. Bah bye bunny wabbit, bah bye.

Today: Fitness - did 10 laps of the pool, will teach abs class, do 20 minutes of cardio and attend Boot Camp class. Diet - I managed to leave the grocery store at lunch today without a whoopie pie. That took a hell of a lot of will power. You have no idea. Work - I WILL finish the draft of the policy manual today and send it to others to proof and look over. I WILL!

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npapaya said...

items hanging around my house that are perhaps less than useful:

2 boyds bears stuffed animals
a playstation someone gave me (i don't play video games)
books from my mom i have no intention of reading- aka Deepak Chopra's latest and greatest

perhaps you'll inspire me to kick my purging up a notch- of course, I'm already down to the point where my entire apartment incl. furniture and clothes could fit in a small UHaul so I'm not sure how much i can get rid of and still be clothed at work or have something to eat with.