Monday, March 06, 2006

Guys and Dolls

I love my guy friends. (Hi guys!) Four of my male friends read this blog with regularity (that I know of, there may be more). Two often post and two sometimes send me emails responding to something I've written - usually to my most honest and raw posts. My last post got 3 of the 4 to comment in some way. Mostly with helpful encouragement and "hell yeah I'd be turned on if you told me what to do and I'd also appreciate the guidance." Good to know guys. Thanks!

I find it interesting that I haven't gotten any responses from the ladies. I know you are out there. I have been reading the Good Girl/Bad Girl book and it turns out that the author feels that about 60% of women feel the way I do on some level. They have a secret vixen hidden inside but don't know how to let her out. I actually took steps to let her out yesterday and it worked. TMI moment - I initiated a "practice session" and was actually able to verbalize a few instructions. Friendster Guy is now reading the blog so he knew how uncomfortable I was. But just knowing he knew my issue(s) made me more comfortable. So I put on those big girl underoos and dealt with it.

One thing the book says to do is to purchase and display a sexual totem in your space - something that reminds you of your sexuality. She doesn't mean one of those African carvings with large phalluses, unless of course that works for you. The author has a statue of a woman stretching. I knew instantly what I needed to do. I put down the book and went right over to the frame shop to get the sketch of me when I posed nude framed. So in about two weeks I'll be hanging that picture in my bedroom right by the full length mirror so that I will see it every day. Well, everyday that I wake up at my house that is.

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