Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm green but it ain't from the luck of the Irish

I'm an atheist. Biting Beaver reminds me why.

Also, I'm sick. Still. Or again. I woke up at 3am with my innards fighting an epic battle for intestinal domination. Nothing was leaving my body but the alien inside sure as hell was trying to. Then, when I finally got up at 6 I had no hot water - a consistent problem my landlord is trying to fix. I had to go to the gym for a hot shower because the idea of just doing a tepid head rinse was really unappealing. Now I am polishing off the liter of ginger ale I bought this morning and hoping that the toast and rolls I have allowed myself to eat for lunch will not counteract my efforts to purge my system of this scourge. Luckily, the purging process isn't too out of control and is going in the direction things are supposed to. If you get my meaning.

In other, more positive news, Friendster Guy and I had a great date last night. While waiting for our table to be ready we wandered around a building that has 40 artist studios. The halls are essentially an art gallery. And the building itself was saved from ruin and converted from industrial ghetto to artsy fartsy industrial chic. It's pretty cool. Around every corner is something new to discover. And dinner was awesome. (Except when it woke me up at 3am - through no fault of it's own mind you. Just a victim of bacterial circumstance or something.) And the conversation is getting ever more easy. And our quirks and ticks are starting to come out. And neither of us has run screaming from the room. And it's all good. Hopefully I'll feel better for a Saint Patrick's Day party tonight where I will meet some of Friendster Guy's friends for the first time.

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