Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm on a roll today

How can I not be, I've got so much fodder. Over at Overheard in New York they have posted the following conversation that was heard in Police Plaza, New York, NY.

Cop #1: When I'm fucking a cunt, I like to hurt it. You like to hurt a cunt when you're fucking it?
Cop #2: Yeah. What do I give a fuck? It ain't my cunt.

And this is what the fuck the ladies are all talking about. How in the world can women expect to get help from the cops if these are the cops they are going to? I'm not busting on cops in general because my brother-in-law is one and is not an asshole like these two. But yeah, I'd feel really comfortable having these guys take my statement after I've been assaulted or raped.

***Sassy Pants throws up hands in disgust***

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Dr.Nik said...

Exactly. I realized that I could never trust another man when one of my Kung Fu brothers tried to coerce my then girlfriend. I found that people who have power and authority will use that to get what they want, especially sex.

I just don't get it. What is it that drives these men? What 7th grade "NO, I won't dance with you" moment screwed them up so badly?

How did society morph and corrupt them into these things that need to degrade and hurt women.

What concerns me most, why can't I see it? Did it infect me too? How did I escape?

I know that the answer is love and honor and respect and enlightenment and compassion and all those things I've worked very hard to cultivate in my mind and actions.

But the pervasiveness of the issue makes me wonder.... do I have it in me too?