Monday, March 27, 2006

Sassy Pant's Seven

Update on my goals:

Diet: I'm trying a new breakfast today to see how full I'll stay until lunch thereby stopping me from prowling the office for snacks. There are Girl Scout Cookies on every corner thwarting my attempts at being "good." So this morning I had oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. We'll see how it goes.

Discardia: I bought a new desk at Staples. Currently my desk is a board across two cheapo Walmart filing cabinets, one drawer of which has lost it's face so it can't hold files. Supposedly it is being delivered Tuesday. I then get to put it together. Whoo hoo. But I'm taking this opportunity to clean out my files. I started yesterday and made some progress. I definitely have a lot of stuff I don't need anymore.

Thesis: I managed to finish transcribing two interviews this weekend. Only four more to go. Unfortunately they are long. And then I probably have to record another 3 or 4 before I'm done that part. The next step is taking all the words and making them coherent enough to tell a story. Good luck to me.

Work: I should be leaving to go there momentarily. I'll figure out what I'm going to focus on when I get there. I have lots of conflicting priorities and none of them have to do with one another.

Finances: I have no money. But I have a hell of a credit score. And I'm saving $400 a month between my retirement and savings. Also, I just opened a new credit card that has 0% Financing for 15 months on purchases and 3.9% on balance transfers. I intend to move my other credit card balance at 7.9% over to it and then pay off my car with it to save on interest. I was going to be done paying off my car in 15 months anyway so that works out well.

Vacation: I'm going to Nova Scotia with Friendster Guy. It should be interesting since we just spent our first full day together Saturday. Four or five days will be a new experience. We had a great time Saturday and did very domesticy things. We went to a home show, an open house to check out a property for his parents, and drove around looking at land. He's thinking about buying some. Then we hung out at his place. I read while he finished up some paperwork. It was very comfortable and nice.

Fitness: I ran outside yesterday and nearly died. My lungs aren't used to cold and my body isn't used to going uphill. I felt ok on the way back. It takes me about a mile to warm up. I think I went about 2 miles. It was more than I've done on a Sunday in a long time.

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