Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My 200th post! Better make it good.

The Onion has an amusing story today about reintroducing Girls Gone Wild into civilization.

Although it's a parody aspects of the story are sadly true. Which is of course why it is so amusing.

If given enough encouragement would I be a Girl Gone Wild? I want to say no. But I'm not so sure. External validation, no matter how sexist and ridiculous it is, is still an amazingly powerful thing. Even for a woman with more self-esteem than your average drunken coed on Spring Break.

I think what would stop me is that I'm more afraid of mob mentality than I am desirous of male attention. The picture accompanying the article scares the bejeezus out of me. A sea of male faces awash in unbridled testosterone. This is why I have never felt the allure of the traditional spring break. The thought of a continuous mosh pit of hormonally hopped up teenagers freaks me the hell out.

As a matter of fact, that scenario would actually be my hell. That and having to continuously shop in Walmart for the rest of eternity. Or to be trapped in the Big Brother house with Dick Cheney, the President of Pensacola Christian College, Gilbert Gottfried, Rosie Perez, my ex-boss, Anna Nicole Smith, Ann Coulter, Paris Hilton, Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, and anyone who's actually ever been in the Big Brother House, or on Surreal Life, Survivor, or the Real World.

It's fun thinking about hellish scenarios. It makes my current life seem much better.

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