Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Beauty, grace, and love - the feminine triumverate!

It isn't a good and productive week here at Sassy Pants headquarters if I can't write something about this guy over at Save the Males. He's written an article about sexual surrender quoting from a textbook from 1958. He laments that it is out of print because he really thinks this author was on to something.

There is good reason that it is out of print: one, it's from 1958. That is almost 50 years ago. Technology, human psychology, and everything but evangelical christianity has come a long way since then. Two, and by two I really mean the only reason it should remain out of print, is that its thesis is this - "A woman's identity lies in an "essential feminine altruism." A woman's self-expression and power is based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender."

Going on, "Men are designed for mastery of the external (physical) world, and women for mastery of the internal (spiritual) world and the home."
Where does fixing a broken toilet fall? Under physical or the home? Because I'll tell you what, anytime there was any problem with the toilet I'd have to come running as my X went into a panic. If it was overflowing I'd yell from wherever I was, "Take the lid off the back, grab the ball cock - you'll know it when you see it - and hold on a second!" Sassy Pants to the rescue. And this from a guy in a family of plumbers.

"[Feminism] has brought frigidity and restlessness and a soaring divorce rate, neurosis, homosexuality, juvenile delinquency, all that results when a woman in any society deserts her true function." As opposed to the fact that we can finally leave men who are assholes and are now more free to love who we want to love. And what about deadbeat dads? Don't they contribute a little to the whole "juvenile delinquency" issue? Nah, blame the mothers and their crazy new found freedom. Gee, and maybe that fridgidity comes from us being told we're whores unless we keep our legs closed. You can't have your cake and eat it too guys (so to speak.) Either we're whores or we're opposed to having sex with you. Which is it?

And finally, "A woman can have a career. [Thank god he cleared that up] Robinson's work suggests that a woman need not give up her femininity if her career takes second place to her love of husband and family. The world ... is starved for the feminine principle: beauty, grace, love. [Have they seen me in the morning? These are not three words I'd use to describe me at that moment.] This article could as easily have been titled: "Wanted: A Few Good Women."

This article could have just as easily been titled, "Why I will never again get laid."

This guy's a total idiot. An idiot with a nostalgia problem. I bet his mom wasn't as happy as he thinks she was in her apron ironing his Dad's shirts.


josh said...

and just for kicks, have you been following the 'loose chicks sink dicks' saga? apparently, horny women are causing erectile dysfunction in college-age men. it kind of backs this guy up. here's more.

Sassy Pants said...

Hmmm...perhaps men are discovering that they aren't all about sex no matter what the world is telling them.

"You mean sometimes I want to be in a relationship?! Have some sort of connection with the person before I take her clothes off?"

It isn't all sausages and beef no matter what the media says. Sometimes, a guy may just need to be held.

I don't think that's a bad thing.

josh said...

well, except for the part where people are blaming women initiating sexual contact for making guys unable to participate.

personally, i have the physical capacity to have a one-night stand, but not the emotional capacity. i just can't do it.

but to actually blame a medical condition -- which could, in fact, stem from seriously harmful outside factors like genetically modified foods, pesticides and improper use of laptop computers -- on women willing to assert a sexual appetite?

that's a bad thing.