Thursday, May 25, 2006

More randomness

1) I've decided that my favorite song is "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Any song that accompanies a movie instantly has more emotion behind it and this one packs a punch. And anytime John Cusack wants to stand outside of my window looking soulful and lonely I sure as hell wouldn't roll over and ignore him. Just for the record.

2) It's a good mail day when you think the two pieces of mail you receive are bills and one turns out to be junk and the other a refund check. Granted a refund check for 54 cents but I'm sure as hell gonna cash it. That's like what? Almost a pack of gum!

3) It's also a good day when you are about to toast your plain english muffin at work when suddenly someone comes out of a room with their leftover breakfast meeting food and offers you scones, bagels, lox, fruit and yogurt. I love serendipitous food!

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