Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sinko en Mayo

Given that tomorrow is June and I lost nary an ounce during my Cinco en Mayo plan I have to wonder what is wrong with me. Actually, I don't really have to wonder. I know exactly my problem. I. EAT. TOO. MUCH. Plain and simple, I eat too much. Shocking revelation I know. So. What to do about that? Michael J. posts a clip on changing your behavior from Fast Company that may be helpful.

"If you want to change something in your life, it's common to try to stop the behaviors you don't like. While this certainly seems logical, it seldom works. The reason is simple - it unintentionally creates a vacuum where the old behaviors used to be. And since nature hates a vacuum it will fill it with anything it can find - usually the very behaviors you're trying to stop since they're so familiar. Instead of stopping certain behaviors, try focusing on what you want to create - and the new behaviors you need to get there. Eventually, with practice, new behaviors will develop enough muscle to naturally replace the old ones."

Try This:
1. Notice any place in your life where you say you've got to stop doing something. That would be my eating habits. Specifically my habit of eating sugar, usually in chocolate form. I'm not a snacker. I don't crave salt. I don't eat at night. But I do tend to eat refined sugars if they cross my path. And my portions are too big. And I eat out too much.

2. Shift your mind to think about what you need to start doing in that area. A) Smallerize my portions. If FG and I are eating we should not split the meal 50/50. He's 6'2", I'm 5'2." I cannot eat the same amount as he does and expect to be skinny. B) Write down what I eat. I think I think I'm eating well but if I actually looked at a week's worth of food I'd be horrified. I give myself leeway and reward myself because I'm exercising. Thank goodness I am exercising because I'd be a blimp. I'm only barely maintaining status quo. C) Pay attention to the nutritional value of my food. D) Eat like a diabetic.

3. Be specific. Write down the exact things you want to do. See #2. I think I may start writing down my food intake here so I have to be accountable. Replace chocolate and sweets with something else, fruit is good, Crystal Light perhaps? We have it free in the office. Attempt to eat items that are sugar free. I hate diet soda but maybe I could learn to live with it when soda is my only beverage option. Stop cravings with gum.

4. Don't admonish yourself for doing the old behaviors, rather stay focused on starting the new ones and the old ones will diminish on their own.

There you have it. My new plan to lose 5 pounds. Or at least not gain 5 new ones! 130 pounds by the time I'm 30 (in August)!

Food intake:
Breakfast: Bowl of Total with yogurt flakes, skim milk.
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Greek salad with chicken and balsamic dressing, baked pita chips, plain hummus.
Snack: Izzi Sparkling Blackberry drink - cheaper and less caloric than an iced mocha. And according to the label it counts as a serving of fruit. And I walked half a mile(ish) and back to get it. Up a hill.
Dinner: 1/2 pulled pork and roasted veggie quesadilla, salsa.
Dessert: Minute Made raspeberry lemonade popsicle.


hilllady said...

Would it upset you if I point out that you look mahvelous, dahling? Seriously: thinner, healthier, happier than I've ever seen you. What's the obsession with a little arrow on a scale?

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