Monday, June 26, 2006

Black Like Me

Liz over at Granny Gets A Vibrator is immersing herself in Black culture for the month. I think this is an amazing endeavor simply because it's so simple. African Americans are constantly immersed in White culture. You have to work hard to do the opposite. If I had the time I'd think about doing it. Maybe sometime after my thesis is written. Of course Liz's located where there actually is Black culture. I don't think I'm stretching when I say that the Upper Valley is pretty devoid of any ethnic culture on a large scale. There are the Asian folks who run the Asian restaurants. Then there are the adopted children with white parents. And as for Black culture, it's hard even to find a hairstylist who knows what to do. They have literally had to import someone on a part time basis. Most of the African Americans in the area are students of some kind, and the ones that live here permanently are assumed to be transients as well, even when they've lived here for decades.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what Liz learns. She's already written several posts about the experience.

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