Friday, June 30, 2006


Today is my last day in my current job! Hurray! Huzzah! I feel like I should be less happy but oh well.

Today is also the last day of June, the last day before people lose their vacation time because of the new fiscal year, so there is no one here.

I have a few more things I need to do to make the transition easier for the person taking on one of my biggest and continuing projects. Then I will go through files, pack up my stuff, and say Sayonara! Although it isn't really goodbye because technically I'm still part of the department I am currently in but I'm leaving the building so I won't be a constant presence.


This will probably be the last post for at least a week as Friendster Guy and I are heading out on vacation into the unknown. The unknown being our ability to stay with and tolerate each other 24 hours a day for 7 days. I'm excited but ready to face any challenges inherent in such a test. At least it's not a road trip. And our cabin has multiple rooms so we can get private time. Friendster Guy needs his private time more than I do so I'll have to keep that in mind. Wish us luck!

Have a great holiday!

- Sassy


Shell said...


Have a great vacation!

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