Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MacGyver commercial

Maybe you've all seen this already but being without TV I saw it for the first time a few nights ago. I LOVE this.

I loved Macgyver - for his brains and his hunkiness. (If you hadn't figured it out yet I have a thing for nerds. Friendster Guy has MacGyver tendencies and they are A-OK with me. Plus he's pretty hunky himself.) Having nerd tendences myself, I was the only girl in the "MacGyver Club" in junior high. We did things like launch rockets and egg drops. Not the soup, the thing where you make something to hold an egg and then drop it off the roof hoping the egg doesn't break.

Did you know that one of the reasons Richard Dean Anderson got the role of MacGyver was because he was sitting in the waiting room for the audition with his glasses on, reading. Classic Macgyver. Hmm...I should add that to my Netflix.


Mrs. Harridan said...

My best friend had the biggest crush on MacGyver in high school, and even went for her first BF because there was a resemblance there. How can you not love a guy who can make a bomb out of gum?

Sassy Pants said...

And who only uses the bomb to escape, not to kill people.